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WWE Raw – April 22, 2019

Welcome to Ringside News Coverage on Monday Night time Raw

Tonight is a brand new era for Monday's raw materials because of the brand new signatures of SmackDown. AJ Types, Naomi, Eric Young, Uso, Samoa Joe and more. The passing of those stars is a guess for anybody, however they need to start to type tonight has been beating a new challenger for the second week in a Seth Rollins World Cup. We do not know who this challenger is yet, however it’s doubtless that it is going to be Drew McIntyre.

The only different things that contact on the preview of the efficiency this evening are the continuing promo Bray Wyatt dolls, Lacey Evans, and the attainable sequel to Shane McMahon / Miz's rip-off. Keep in mind to comply with us on Instagram and download the Ringside News app and enjoy the present!

Monday Night time Raw

Monday Night time Raw opens up in The Recreation, Triple H, giving him entry to the ring. We study that tonight there shall be two Triple Menace matches, and the winners will come out of the Common Championship opportunity on the Financial institution on Might 19th. Two matches are AJ types Vs. Rey Mysterio Vs. Samoa Joe, And Baron Corbin Vs. Drew McIntyre Vs. The Miz.


🤴s rips @TripleH 🤴 is operating immediately #RAW! [19659003] – WWE (@WWE) April 23, 2019

Earlier than Triple H can converse, Seth Rollins leaves the ring. Rollins comes on the ring and shakes the hand of Triple H. The overall master provides a fantastic reaction as a result of he’s in his hometown. Rollins says that is surreal that he stands in the midst of this ring in his house country with a championship around his waist. The Triple H nods then shakes his hand once more. Seth says two weeks ago in WrestleMania that he was within the battle of his life, however he killed the beast and brought the title residence. Fans begin to "welcome home" to sing.

Triple H says Rollins puts Brock Lesnar's bucket on the carpet – Rollins fixes him and says he's doing this 3 times. He turned king of WrestleMania and left Beastslayer. Triple H says the panorama has modified. Rollins is a champion as a champion. The entire world is on her. Rollins says he understands that and is aware of that the financial institution's cash is simply around the corner. If somebody is aware of something or two of the cash within the financial institution's contract, it’s him. Rollins reminds us that he has efficiently redeemed and altered his profession, however he additionally had it in cash. Nevertheless, he by no means lets it happen again.

Triple H tells Seth that he doesn't put a cart in entrance of a horse as a result of he has an inventory of laundry bidders. He does not have to fret that folks might be wasted, he ought to be fearful about who he’ll defend the overall championship that night time. Rollins asks if Paul Heyman has blown the telephone to rematch. Triple H says he can't get out of Heyman. Rollins asks what's next. Triple H says we will determine this out at the moment. The perfect one has landed on RAW. Tonight the winners will battle with two triple threats. The winner of this match will face the Rollins World Cup on the bank.

WWE US champion Samoa Joe enters and says he has arrived at RAW. Joe will get into the ring and says Becky Lynch has provide you with an actual fascinating concept for 2 championships. His shoulders are broad and have room for yet one more. The subsequent title will probably be Rollins.

Rey Mysterion music tracks and he says Joe is just not the only former Smackdown celebrity who needs to influence the RAW. The Mysterio shouldn’t be on the RAW to permit it to hang out and drop info. Mystery is in thoughts. When all is claimed and completed, in the Money Bank he sees Rollins with Mysterion.

The music of Drew McIntyrhe now hits, and he says he doesn't give a horrible thought to what everybody within the ring thinks. McIntyre has spent a yr cleansing this place and had zero. Now’s his time. McIntyre says the only cause Rollins is Common Champion is as a result of he obtained to Brock Lesnar before he did. McIntyre wins a triple menace tonight, go to the financial institution, win Rollins and ultimately Universal Champion.

"The only reason #UniversalChampion is that you get to @BrockLesnar before me." @DMcIntyreWWE needs @WWERollins piece … #RAW

– WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) April 23, 2019

Miz enters and says A-Lister has returned to RAW . It gets a great reception. Miz says the more things change, the extra they stay the identical. Rollins once more has something Miz needs. Miz has a film restart. Over the previous few months, he has shown that he could be a certain man. It's a man who helps the Universal Championship. It’s not seen that the bank has money within the match like Seth Rollins and Miz.

Surprisingly, Baron Corbin comes out next and says he is probably the most deserving champion of Rollins. Rollins might have killed the beast in WrestleMania, however he retired from the legend. Corbin asks if anyone else in the ring has gained a gold medalist at WrendleMania.

And eventually, the music of AJ Types hits. The types come within the ring, and the "AJ Styles" music picks up – he is probably the most difficult one. Types ask if Corbin has ever closed. Corbin's face is nearly as annoying as his voice. Speaking annoying, it appears that evidently all members of this ring have forgotten that AJ types are in RAW. AJ says he wins his triple menace tonight. Then he meets who wins the subsequent three-time menace match. Then everybody will find out why Smackdown was an AJ-type home. He provides RAW what they all the time needed. With money at the bank it is going to be Seth Rollins and AJ types for the Universal Championship.

Rollins seems to be at Triple H and says he was talking about talking to him. Rollins says he's ready. It does not matter which one in every of them faces Cash in the Financial institution. If they overlook, he's Seth Freakin's Rollins, and he'll burn it down! The primary of the 2 three threats is the following!

We will't speak concerning the # UniversalTitle Championship without this man! #RAW @AJStylesOrg [19659003] – WWE (@WWE) April 23, 2019

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AJ Types Vs. Rey Mysterio Vs. Samoa Joe

We'll be again solely Joe will take each males down shortly, but Mysterio will return with the enzyme. The types attack the Thriller behind and rustle him into the corner. Types hit the operating clothesline at an angle. Mysterio goes with AJ, who catapulted him over his head and Mysterio catches Joe hurricanrana! Spectacular. Joe rolls out of the ring to get well.

Types and Mysterio come nose to nose and followers get excited. Mysterio pierces her, but she has a whip opposite. Mysterio slides via his legs, but Types drops him back. The types go ahead and hit the sliding knees in entrance of the Samoa River. The types hit the Mysterio system earlier than you hit the opposite again. The types faucet Reyn Types Clash, but Mysterio escapes and rolls out of the ring.

Who doesn't love random teamwork? #TripleThreat #RAW @SamoaJoe @reymysterio @AJStylesOrg [19659003] – WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) April 23, 2019

Types go out and assault the River before Mysterio returns to the ring. The types go to Thriller at Types Conflict, but Mysterio drops to Hurricane. Joe shortly breaks the pin. Joe is attacking each males earlier than removing types with an obnoxious again paw. Joe pierces the Mysterio within the nook before Liu & # 39; ll first move him by means of the sternum of the tire. The types come back, but Joe gets him close to monumental uranium within the fall. The match continues after the break.

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Let's return to see Samoa Joe catch Rey with a fast bucket for two. The types return to dusk and hit Joe. Joe returns a number of strokes, however Types takes him out of the stairs. Mysterio shortly breaks the pin before kicking AJ on his face. The Mysterio combines a Types-fashion flywheel with a bulldog before you set the River in place. Mysterio goes to 619, however Joe will get out of the ring.

Mysterio takes him out with corkscrew over Plancha ropes! Mysterio goes uphill, but Types cuts him off. They tease the superplex on the ground, however don't go. Joe then climbs the ropes and takes them both with double superplex! A bunch of singing: "This is great." Joe covers both close to the fall.

About Us, @AJStylesOrg. RA #RAW #TripleThreat @SamoaJoe @reymysterio [19659003] – WWE (@WWE) April 23, 2019

* Business break *

I'll come again after a break to see the push types of the river autumn! Mysterio takes the River down on a bow that sits on a centon before he hits a gnarly cross. Types break down the pin. The types ship a Mysterion to the corner, however Mysterio captures him with a headband that takes types out of the ring.

The Mysterio then drops the twister of the Joe energy plant with DDT. Mysterio goes to 619, however Joe drops to the Coquina change. Types break it, so Joe applies the Coquina change. The types fall into a pin, but Joe triggers. The types then hit the Pele pot for Joe. Mysterio hits Hurricanran Joe, then types that send them both to medium-sized ropes. Mysterio hits the River with 619, then goes to the springboard hurricanran for AJ, however Types places him right into a bomb. Types Following Joe! The types then hit Mysterio, the place there are types Conflict on Joe before he pulls Joe to victory!

Winner: AJ types

It was great. We see the video from John Cena, which acquired Ellen last week. Naomi goes out, she meets Billie Kay after a break.

* Business Break *

I come back and IIconics are available. Billie Kay says Naomi last week summarized one sentence: "Thank you, Next". Then they discuss with the Aruna Grande. IIconics asks who has Naomi now when Bayley is on SmackDown Reside. IIconics says he’s the longer term, and that the longer term is… you get it.

Naomi Vs. Billie Kay W / Peyton Royce

The match starts and Kay kicks him down shortly and covers the invoice. Kay immediately goes to sleep. Naomi fights and the garments strains down her. Naomi hits her elbow and knocks Royce off the apron.

Winner: Naomi

We get another promo for Bray Wyatt with a dollhouse and a laughing doll.

#IIconics thought it was ʎɹɔ oʇ ʇɟǝl ou, however it seems that they have been mistaken … @ NaomiWWE is DEFEATED @BillieKayWWE! #RAW @PeytonRoyceWWE [19659003] – WWE (@WWE) April 23, 2019

Miz leaves for a second triple menace