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The Incredible Penalty of Josef Martínez

Josef Martínez loves the moon

On Sunday, July 21, 2019, Atlanta United played D.C. United in a battle between the highest three teams in two Japanese conferences. When the game was tied, 0-0, he was killed and Josef Martinez, the dominant MVP, managed to win a penalty for Atlanta after 71 minutes. Martinez was a named penalty taker and went into the sport after profitable 14 15 penalty kicks during his MLS career. He was dealing with Bill Hamid, a goalkeeper with solely 5 saved penalties in his profession. The end result seemed to have led prematurely.

Martinez set the ball down, took a couple of steps back, and waited for the whistle. When the referee knowledgeable him that he was capturing, he signed his signature – it starts with a sidekick that leads to him making a fast toe as he robbers earlier than operating into the ball and making an exaggerated drunk that ends together with his capturing when he lands – and instantly he was caught. However he didn't just overlook, he spun the ball over the crossbar.

Bypassing was such a wierd second for one of the most effective penalty throwers that some started to suspect that there was extra to it than just Martinez abuse. The doubts turned out to be right. This is the actual story behind Martinez's punishment.

Chapter I: Loomings

July 2002

Earlier than Martinez was a star in the MLS, she was the one different youngster in Valencia, Venezuela. He played football on the streets together with his associates, dreaming of enjoying at the highest ranges and representing the nation sooner or later. One night time his life all of a sudden modified.

Josef Martínez (Forward, Atlanta United): I keep in mind it clearly. It was cool, still night time. The world seemed muted, by some means suppressed. I have my father to thank. He took us very south – we have been dwelling in Valencia on the time – to break the town. There was noise every night time. As the frogs turned quiet, the bats started to back up, and I was nonetheless young enough to listen to them. Sadly, this present has fallen on me late. Typically I feel I can still, but…

Anyway. That night time. Yeah. My dad had heard there was a meteor shower and had brought us all to take a look at it. It was a gesture that displays the type of individual my father is. She is friendly, generous, and needs nothing but the most effective for her youngsters. Unfortunately, he was not an astronomer and did not know to examine the moon's phases. I don't know if we might have seen any meteors if the moon wasn't full that week. However it was full and brilliant and – have you ever seemed at the moon? I don't imply you've ever seen him, of course. But have you ever ever seen?

Alexander Martínez (Joseph's father): Our cat was lifeless. Drive over. Joseph's mom advised me I was getting him out of the house for a while and disturbed him. We drove south the best way. I did some sh * t meteors to keep him up at night time watching them. This may make him so drained that he would fall asleep. We have been nervous. But then he never stopped. By no means. You realize what an eight-year-old is.

And then, like two hours one night time, he stopped. He was awake, but he stated nothing. Just stare. It was great.

Josef Martínez: That night time I saw the moon. Not simply his face, which each baby is acquainted with. I saw his soul radiant with silver, resulting in his scars and seams. What men name Tycho stared back. I was a transfix. Fantastic tides washed over me. Chances are you’ll name it baptism. From that day on, I had two loves: my first favorite club, MLS's Atlanta United. And stronger, my affinity for the moon.

My dad, the great man he’s, supported me. After using my information on the moon, he gave me what he might so I might study extra about him. Books which were posted to my room. I learn between training periods.

Have you learnt that Earth is the one one of the eight largest planets in our photo voltaic system with a single moon? One moon on Earth. One moon for me.

Alexander Martínez: Moon? He might have talked about it a few times. However he talked rather a lot about that child. For some time, he modified his identify to "Hippolytus," and commenced bidding on "Forever Virgin Artemis." I didn't pay anything he stated a lot consideration to as long as he appeared to be doing OK. Properly, apart from the occasions when he pretended to be a bear.

Chapter II: Go aboard

February 2017

Martinez performed for Carcaras, Young Boys and Thun (on loan) after being bought by Serie A in Turin in the summertime of 2014 for $ three million. Unfortunately, he succeeded in only seven objectives in three years, and in the winter of 2017, Torino lent him to Atlanta United, MLS's latest enlargement group, which had the option of buying him instantly on the finish of the season. [19659003DarrenEales(AtlantaUnitedpresidentti):Josefolijoosoittanutitsensäurheilummesuurimmissavaiheissajaolimmeluottavaisia​​kykyynsävaikuttaaMLS:äänSiksiArthur[Blank, team owner] introduced him right here. Our trust in him was absolutely refunded. Wanting back, I couldn't be proud of this determination.

Tata Martino (Atlanta United coach): Look, I had simply dealt with Lionel Mess in Barcelona and Argentina. I just needed to be somebody who can be good to me. Martinez appeared good. He didn't seem to be the type of person who dazzled me so much that my ancestors forgave me for giving delivery.

Then I noticed him take the punishment in coaching. He seemed like he was the horse that threw his rider. I assumed he had the Ghost of the Spirit: Cimarron's stallion.

Brad Guzan (Atlanta United goalkeeper): I was in training at some point. Josef took the penalty. I went in the improper course and he did, but the coach was furious. He shouted at him to "knock it down with" horsey sh * t. I assumed it was funny. The goalkeepers laughed about it for some time. I played Josef "Horsey" for a while, but I feel it just didn't keep. Perhaps I assumed it was extra enjoyable than everyone else.

Tata Martino: I stated, "Drop it horsey sh * t, mother *** er." Everyone heard me.

Josef Martínez: Boyhood to hitch the Membership, I have achieved one of the good aims of my life. I worked exhausting töitäksemme professional and appeal to Tata and United's eye. However I knew I couldn't waste my privilege – what is my profession, but Serendipity alone? Even expertise, a thought given by God, is a type of mere happiness – and I should maintain working. And in addition to, Atlanta and America gave me a platform to throw myself into heaven. No country, however america has by no means touched the moon.

Tata Martino: What? Moon? He never talked about something to me.

Darren Eales: I feel he remembered hearing him inform Miguel Almirón that he thought Buzz Aldrin was an incredible American I assumed was a bit weird coming from a Venezuelan kid. Nevertheless it's not that strange, right? Buzz Aldrin is a superb American. I all the time stated his proverb all the time once I was young, "To infinity and beyond!"

Josef Martínez: The men of Apollo 11 have been probably the most courageous, the final nice scholar of mankind to supply. They introduced life to the whole world! Once I saw the moon as a toddler, she was alive and in deep sleep. It was Apollo's duties that confused him. I knew I might soon be on the national stage. (Was this conceited to assume? Perhaps, but there’s humility, an plain talent that isn’t a lie, and terrible at it?) I began to plan for some sort of tribute.

Tata Martino: I forbade him for sanctions. Josef was nonetheless a named guarantor, but I advised him that if he tried sh * t in an actual recreation, I'd ship him to work on the Transcontinental Railroad, like they have been Spirit: Cimarron's stallion. And Miguel Almirón would take the penalty.

Josef Martínez: I knew that if I acquired enough objectives in MLS, Coach Martino would get again.

Brad Guzan: Typically I still call him "Horse," but he never appears to listen to me. Chapter III: His Indicators

July 2019

20. July 2019 The world celebrated the 50th anniversary of the lunar touchdown. Atlanta vs. D.C. The United recreation was the subsequent day, and though Martinez was dissatisfied not to play on the precise day of his 50th birthday, he was going to resemble Apollo in his personal means.

Josef Martínez: When the schedule got here out, I used to be devastated. I had wished all the time on television on July 20, 2019. It felt like the horse had kicked in the tooth.

Ben Olsen (D.C. United Coach): We knew it was going to be a troublesome recreation, especially without Wayne [Rooney]. I didn't need to let him go, but my medical group stated that the minor injuries would accumulate to the point where I both had to relaxation for him or significantly. I couldn't do it.

Wayne Rooney (D.C. United forward): Wayne! Wayne Wayne way-way-way-wayne. Waaaaayne! Wayne Wayne


Russell Canouse (D.C. United Midfielder): We have been there on protection and on the counter. With out Wayne, we knew we needed to play close and tight and not make mistakes. That's why I appeared to be such an asshole once I insulted him.

Frank de Boer (chief of Atlanta United): Josef's punishing method is terrible. That might be right as soon as you possibly can anticipate to mix the goalkeeper, but they know that each one they should do is … principally what [Bill] Hamid did. Stay tall and anticipate him.

Bill Hamid (D.C. United goalkeeper): I just stayed excessive and waited for him. When he does this huge hop, he can't principally change it, so so long as you possibly can react to anything you're in fine condition. It fooled him so badly that he hit it flawed.

Darlington Nagbe (Atlanta United midfielder): Individuals assume we sucked because Frank was a nasty coach, however it was often because the primary time he saw a penalty, he was so loopy that he jumped in a blood vessel. It was crazy. They needed to get their brother Ronald to teach us at the hospital.

Frank de Boer: I'm having hassle together with his punishment? Yeah. But my physician stated he was not good at my rage.

Josef Martínez: I had labored so exhausting to get to the place I used to be. At the moment. At this place. Fifty years earlier, males have been on the surface of the moon in the Tranquility Base. Once I acquired there, I assumed Neil Armstrong was observing me. I'm positive he will probably be there in spirit, and I'm positive he saw it, what I'm doing.

Missing punishment for function is one thing you get punished for. However it has a ridiculous run that everybody thinks will at some point comply with you to comply with your sentence to the moon? No one asked questions.

Wayne Rooney: Wayne Wayne. (Sadly) Wayne.

Josef Martínez: You clearly can't kick soccer to the moon. It's unattainable. Out. Nevertheless it works as a metaphor. It is hopeful, memorable. A tribute to both my great love in my life. I knew that "miss" did not affect the outcome.

Frank de Boer: If he hadn't gained by then, we'd win the sport … I don't even need to think about the issues I might have achieved for him.

Russell Canouse: I felt so relieved when he acquired stuck. We had really labored arduous for this absence and when it appeared like we might really get it. We deserved more than late objectives. That suck, man.

Frank de Boer: Why do you ask me on the moon?

Darlington Nagbe: He by no means stated sh * t to moon till after this recreation, and he has been talking ever since. He's so weird about being missed. It's like if you f * ck up a cross and fake to be offended, except he does it together with his entire mind or something. It's the moon. Who provides sh * t?

Josef Martínez: Darlington stated? Unlucky. Doesn't he even care that the moon was once a magma ball? That some of the dark patches in its instant vicinity are the sites of its former lava seas? Mare Vaporum, Mare Marginis, Mare Crisium, Mare Australe. What about the fact that the gravity of the moon pulls the cause of the rising and falling of the Earth's tides? What about pulling it into my coronary heart? Why doesn't he care about my coronary heart?

Brad Guzan: It was finally okay. We gained. Horsey acquired his target.

Josef Martínez: In the long run, I feel Neil favored it.

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