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Supplier's email address: March 15, 2019

Supplier's email address: March 15, 2019
”Muslim to our brothers and sisters whenever you stood with us after Pittsburgh, so we stand with you now. The anger that drives these attacks arises from the same deep hatred of social inclusion and coexistence, the hatred of a world where Muslims and Jews and other minorities can reside and prosper and feel at residence. The strongest position we will resist is solidarity. You’ll be able to help one another, dream concerning the future for all of us. We are with you to the individuals of Christchurch, the families and associates of the victims, and the New Zealand Muslim communities in the USA and around the globe. "
David Harris, Managing Director of the US Jewish Committee (AJC) stated: “The racist people who’ve been subjected to pure hatred in the direction of Muslims have normally attacked a peaceful New Zealand. Our hearts exit to the families of the present victims of non-verbal crimes of mass homicide. We say as strongly as we will: We are towards hatred and xenophobia. We are towards racism. We’re against terrorism. We help mutual understanding. We help mutual respect. We help pluralism. We stand for coexistence and dimension. “One of many police arresters, a man within the 20th century, has been accused of homicide. A number of the assaults have been broadcast reside by way of social media. There was additionally a manifesto towards Muslims and immigrants.

”We in america have seen horrific assaults on worship homes, including church buildings, mosques, and synagogues. No one is totally shielded from violent attackers, Harris stated. “We are really sad that this same anger has come so violently in New Zealand. The answer must be unity, solidarity and tied arms against evil. ”

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern referred to as the“ terrorist attack ”for mosques” one of many darkest days in New Zealand.

Australia / Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) expressed its deep sorrow on the horrible terrorist assaults on Muslims in Christchurch, New Zealand, in the horrible right-wing racist terrorism.

AIJAC conveyed his sincere condolences and sympathy to the victims and their families and to all those that

“The perpetrators of this terrible hostile crime all associate the dignity with the victims,” stated Colin Rubenstein, director of Aijac. "Such atrocities only reinforce determination and commitment between religions to build more cohesive and harmonious societies," he stated.

Jeremy Jones, Director of International and Group Affairs at AIJAC added: "The alleged culprits claimed to make a Better World for his or her youngsters and that is equally morally disgusting because it is intellectually offensive. and religion. ”- The World Jewish Congress, the American Jewish Congress, the American Jewish Committee and the Australia / Israel and Jewish Council

The President of the Pitzer School praised the BDS

StandWithUs thanks Pitzer School President Melvin Oliver, who strongly rejected the Pitzer School Council's suggestion to droop a overseas research program at Haifa College on March 14, 2019. for, 25 towards and eight abstentions. Shortly thereafter, Oliver rejected the proposal stating that "I refuse to allow Pitzer College a position which I believe will only harm the College." In China, as an alternative of concentrating on probably the most numerous universities in the one functioning democracy within the Middle East, ”stated Max Samarov, Research and Strategy Director at StandWithU. “In reality, the purpose of this vote was to push a narrow anti-Israeli action program that harms students, violates academic freedom, and increases conflict and injustice in the Middle East. By rejecting this discriminatory recommendation, President Oliver made sure that Pitzer did not belong to the wrong side of history.

“Academic boycotts have been widely condemned to undermine academic freedom, free exchange of ideas and learning opportunities. In addition, the campaign for Israel includes an explicit effort to close cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians. The Pitzer movement only increased this unfair reason and sought to limit students' ability to interact and learn Israelis and Palestinians.

“It was also worrying that the Pitzer movement was directed to democratic Israel and remained silent in research abroad for programs in Lebanon, China, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and other states dominated by repressive systems. For example, in Lebanon, LGBTQ people are being violated and all passengers with an Israeli passport are denied or even arrested. In addition, the Lebanese Palestinians face serious institutional discrimination. It was clear that the proposal did not concern the application of an equal standard to overseas programs, but rather a political attack on the only Jewish state in the world

”StandWithUs thanks President Oliver and Pitzer college students who have been robust once they have been this hostile marketing campaign. We’ll continue to work with Hillel, ICC and different partners to help the Jewish and Israel-based group in Pitzer and beyond.
At the similar time, the American Jewish Committee (AJC) Los Angeles praised Pitzer's School President Melvin L Oliver for his principled angle in confirming that learning abroad with Haifa University in Israel will proceed regardless of the varsity's school council vote, which recommends closing this system.

”Some say that I will take my very own place on the Israeli-Palestinian battle when deciding not to implement the School Council suggestion. I am not. As an alternative, I refuse to provide Pitzer School a position that I feel will solely harm the school, ”Oliver wrote in a robust statement revealed shortly after the vote

The termination of the Haifa University partnership began with Professor Pitzer and different boycott, sales and sanctions (BDS) associates. activists on campus.

"By presenting Israel, the recommendation itself is open-minded," wrote Oliver. “If carried out, the recommendation would unnecessarily take away a large cross-section of school constituencies. The collegiate injury of the School can be irreparable, and it might not be allowed to act as President of that establishment. "

Inviting the School Council's suggestion for an" Israeli academic boycott ", Oliver wrote:" I categorically oppose any type of educational boycott of any nation. We can’t permit us to oppose the federal government's policy of self-government and the overall accusation of its residents. ”

AJC has supported months of rejecting the proposed boycott of the University of Haifa. 19659002] “The Collegiate Council Action was a grave attack on academic freedom,” stated AJC Deputy Director of Los Angeles, Siamak Kordestani, and AJC Campus Affairs Director Zev Hurwitz. "The measure threatened to allow a dangerous precedent – that it is acceptable that external political influence limits student experiences."

Oliver has strongly supported educational freedom after the fall semester, when the attempt to end relations with the Haifa campus started. At that time, Oliver additionally spoke strongly about ending this educational alternative for Pitzer college students.

”President Oliver prevents us from trying to segregate ties with Israel's most numerous campus and exhibits ethical courage, help true educational freedom, and preserves the impartiality of the Pitzer School in controversial conflicts,” stated Kordestani and Hurwitz. – StandWithUs and the American Jewish Committee

ICC Competence in Israeli Settlement

The International Legal Courtroom (ICC) specialized legal professionals have filed an software difficult the admissibility of instances. Israeli settlements. Steven Kay QC and Joshua Kern from the 9 Bedford Row Chambers in London utilized for the Lawfare Challenge and Israeli Legal professionals (UKLFI).

The declare highlights that the Supreme Courtroom of Israel (High Courtroom of Justice) is lively in Israeli settlements. Because the Israeli courts have already decided on this challenge and have issued a number of landmark rulings earlier, such instances can’t be accepted by the Worldwide Legal Courtroom. This is because of the fact that, in accordance with the elemental principle of "complementarity" underneath the Rome Statute, the ICC does not determine on instances by which national courts have a genuine procedure.

9 Presentation of Bedford Row & # 39; with the help of The Lawfare Challenge and UKLFI, when the ICC Prosecutor's Office revealed its annual report on ex-ante controls in December 2018. The report states that OTP intends to conduct its investigation at Palestine's "early stage and now" three ”, which is the stage of the process when it considers the state of affairs to be acceptable. At this stage, subsequently, OTP must keep in mind each the seriousness and the complementarity of the state of affairs

If OTP decides to prosecute the case of Israeli settlements, it might breach the principle of additionality.

Stephen Kay QC, 9 The petitioner, Bedford Row, stated:

”Israel has a functioning, unbiased, institutional framework that permits for the investigation of conduct that could possibly be coated by potential options by the ICC. In line with the precept of central complementarity of the International Legal Courtroom, prosecutors ought to approve the validity of selections made by Israeli national courts. If they don’t seem to be prepared to take action, the burden of proof is to inform them why. "

Brooke Goldstein, head of the statutory undertaking, who supported the appliance, stated:

" The ICC case for "settlements" would completely ignore the fact that Israeli courts have often decided and will continue to resolve these issues. It would be another attempt to apply the double standards of Israel. Double standards encourage the lack of confidence in the international legal system and undermine the sanctity of international law. The Lawfare project is proud to support this fresh legal approach by challenging statutory efforts to circumvent the rule of law. "

Jonathan Turner, Common Director of the UK Lawyer, stated:

" This wonderful presentation rejects a few of the claims of non-governmental organizations towards Israel. Different critical misunderstandings have to be addressed additional. ”- About Lawfare

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