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Supplier's email address ~ 21 Mar 2019 (4 items)

Supplier's email address ~ 21 Mar 2019 (4 items)

Posted on March 21, 2019.

The United Kingdom guarantees to vote on all resolutions introduced in UNHRC's Opinion 7

Flag of the UK

The American Jewish Committee (AJC) praised the UK's determination to vote for all the United Nations Resolutions of the Human Rights Council's notorious agenda, paragraph 7, which deals solely with Israel

'The British choice, the primary European nation to take this elementary step, is, in reality, a disapproving anti-Israeli choice. UN Human Rights Council, ”stated David Harris, CEO of AJC. “As said by US Ambassador Nikki Haley final yr,“ no other country – no Iran, no Syria, no North Korea – does not just set a associated agenda. Item 7 on the agenda just isn’t directed at any of Israel. It is aimed at the existence of Israel. ""

British Overseas Minister Jeremy Hunt, who defined his country's choice in JC's leading British Jewish newspaper, wrote that "it is useless to assume that Israeli behavior deserves special consideration," as in this "Human Rights Council agenda, known as 7".

”Two years ago, the United Kingdom stated that if the state of affairs did not change, we might vote towards all the texts proposed in paragraph 7,” Hunt wrote in JC. “Sadly, our considerations haven’t been taken under consideration. So I have determined that we’re doing precisely what we stated: Nice Britain now stand up to every paragraph 7 of resolution.

The Human Rights Council has given Israel, the one liberal democracy in the Middle East, rather more judgment than another 192 UN member state. AJC has long supported Council members to remove merchandise 7 on the agenda.

AJC has been a member of the UN after the convention in San Francisco in 1945. AJC leaders who successfully supported the inclusion of human rights safety within the UN Constitution

President Joseph AJC M. "Proskauer made the most the most the most famous and the most convincing argument that I have ever listened to in my life," stated Columbia University Professor James T. Shotwell, who was the United Nations. the founder of the US Convention val After the introduction of the AJC, Secretary of State Stettinius instantly promised that he would do his utmost to include the human rights clauses within the Constitution, and then reached the Constitution as absolutely as potential. US Jewish Committee

StandWithUs: Terrorist teams help weeks in Israel towards several US campuses

StandWithUs strongly condemns the systematic efforts towards weekly hostile anti-Israeli occasions by bringing campuses around the globe. it is notably worrying that this international campaign is coordinated by the Palestinian BDS Nationwide Committee (BNC), which consists of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and different recognized terrorist teams.

StandWithUs urges the college administration to take a clear moral place by rejecting this hostile campaign and condemning it to acknowledged terrorist groups. 15] “There is nothing but peace against Israel's wrath,” stated Rosen Rothstein, CEO of Standwith. “There is no place in the committee of racist terrorist groups responsible for the murder of children and families to help organize events at university campuses. We urge universities to strongly condemn the hostile week against Israel and the dangerous group behind them. ”- About StandWithUs


Rabbi Michael Berk Delivers Valedictory Address on April 17, 1919 almost four many years after he had confirmed his speech on Wednesday, 17 April at 18.30 'Reflections retired Rabbi: what I've discovered. "

Beth Israel Males & # 39; s Membership hosts a solemn address at a buffet dinner open to all men and women locally at the 9001 Towne Middle Drive. The fee is $ 18 for these utilizing this web site by means of RSVP and $ 20 for a walk.

Rabbi Berk acquired a university diploma from UC Berkeley in 175, a grasp of Hebrew letters from the School of the Hebrew Union in 1978 and was arrange in 1980 within the Hebrew School of the Union and Jewish Spiritual Institute in Cincinnati

After serving as rabbi, rabbi and rabbi. rabbina Temple Emanu in El San Jose, rabbi at Beth Sholom's temple in Santa Monica, rabbi Temple Beth Torah in Ventura, and Pacific Central Western Council regional leader in the revolutionary Union of Judaism. Beth Israel, his older rabbi, started in 2007. – Beth Israel from the Church
Jews Illustrators are the theme of this yr's Jewish American inheritance

Jewish American Heritage Month (JAHM), a national commemoration of the contribution of American Jews to our nation's history , Tradition and Society material, it’s a pleasure to announce the Might 2019 solemn theme: American Jewish Illustrators. To begin with, the Presidential Declaration was established in 2006 and was renewed every year because JAHM encourages individuals from all backgrounds to study and inspire the historical past of over 360 years of Jewish life in the country.

“The stories of American Jews have been woven into the rich history of this diverse nation,” says Ivy Barsky, CEO and Gwen Goodman, Director of the Nationwide Museum of Jewish Historical past of america (NMAJH). “By celebrating the YAHU, we respect the values ​​of inclusion, acceptance and non secular pluralism appreciated by this nation.

”The 2019 theme of JAHM provides the opportunity to convey forth many American Jews who have helped create the nation's beloved youngsters's books. novels and their superheroes, in addition to syndicated comics and illustrations. These Jewish artists, Illustrators and Writers have been American, social, and cultural in shape and enriched America's imaginative landscape. By means of the prism of Jewish id and sometimes approaching their work via the lens of social justice, they have been capable of make superb observations of the world around them and supply a strong comment on the day's affairs by means of a singular and universal service.

Esra Jack Keats, who grew up as a Jewish immigrant youngster in Brooklyn, a up to date author / illustrator Maira Kalman, who studied (and depicted) the American democracy he noticed everywhere in the nation, these eager and clever social observers mirror us and the world in a sustainable method [19659005] The award profitable writer and illustrator Ezra Jack Keats (1916 – 1983), whose youngsters's books are Whistle for Willie, President of St. Petersburg and Snowy Day, was a Jewish boy from Japanese Europe. immigrants and the very poor. In East New York, Keats' expertise of anti-Semitism and poverty in his youth gave him lifelong compassion for these affected by prejudice and want. His work goes past personal and displays the overall considerations of youngsters. The snowy day featured the primary African-American protagonist in a shade picture. The snowy day and the artwork of Ezra Jack Keats have been seen at NMAJH in 2013. The exhibition was organized by the Jewish Museum of New York from the gathering of youngsters's literature by de Grummond, The College of Southern Mississippi. Bernard Waber (1921 – 2013) brought us tales like Lion Named Shirley Williamson, Ira Sleeps Over, See the Mouse? in a nutshell wisdom. Like Keats, he was the son of immigrants from Japanese Europe. Waber grew up in a rising Jewish residence and thought of Judaism to be central to his id. Lyle Lyle, Crocodile and Associates: Bernard Waber's artwork was on show at NMAJH in 2015. The exhibition was organized by The Eric Carle Museum of Positive Arts, Amherst, Massachusetts.

Stan Lee (1922 – 2018) shouldn’t be an illustrator himself, gave the world Spiderman, Unimaginable Hulk, Iron Man among different legendary Marvel Comedian superheroes. The characters created by DC Comics within the universe by Jerry Siegel (1914 – 1996) and Joe Shuster (1914 – 1992), reminiscent of Superman, have clear Jewish roots, whose character continued to develop after World Struggle II. Rube Goldberg (1883 – 1970), a current NMAJH specialty exhibition, Rube Goldberg art, is among the most influential and productive twenty-century artists greatest recognized for the wild invention that has also gained the Pulitzer Prize for his political comic Atom bomb. Roz Chast, New Yorker's Comic and Can We Speak About Something Extra Nice, Leela Corman, a graphic novel by Unterzakhn, follows the life of Jewish twin sisters growing within the Lower East Aspect of New York and the underground caricature artist Diana Noom, greatest recognized by nature, DiDi Glitz, which offers with transgressive social points, is just some of the business's main ladies. is the daughter of Sara Berman, a Jewish immigrant, who married virtually 40 years and lives in New York, Israel. Opened on April fifth, NMAJH will current a special exhibition Sara Berman's Closet. The rebuilding of Maira and her son Alex Kalman options the museum's first public artwork installation in the Kimmel Plaza space, at the nook of Philadelphia's Fifth and Market Road, and the related exhibition with new paintings by Maira.

”Illustrators have the embarrassing capability to mirror society in all their mess and humor in usually engaging ways. With the assistance of those artists, artists can present meaningful cultural commentary and, in follow, in actual time, thanks in large part to the number of visually-based online environments, ”says Judith Rosenbaum, member of the JAHM Advisory Committee and Jewish Ladies's Archives. “This yr's JAHM theme provides significant, enjoyable, and artistic methods for faculties, libraries, and group facilities to discover ways through which American Jews have influenced American culture for all ages. As well as, the chance to emphasise the central position of American Jewish ladies on this American cultural heritage is particularly essential and really topical. "- The Jewish American Heritage Month

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