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Rivlin examines Mideast points for Pompeo

JERUSALEM (Press Release) – On Thursday, Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo met with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin. The Secretary and the President reaffirmed the close relationship between america and Israel, together with robust help from the administration for Israel's proper of protection. The Secretary underlined the US efforts to combat anti-Semitism anyplace, together with the newly appointed Special Envoy for the Management and Anti-Semitism, Elan Carr. The Secretary and the President also discussed widespread regional priorities comparable to combating the dangerous affect of the Iranian regime and expanding economic cooperation with Egypt, Greece and Cyprus

Each leaders made these statements to the media before a personal debate:

PRESIDENT RIVLIN: . Welcome to Israel and welcome to the Israeli capital Jerusalem. And as I say to each leader or once I meet leaders from everywhere in the world about our relationship and the exterior relations of the Israeli individuals and the State of Israel, I all the time emphasize that we – our relationship – are based mostly on three rules. The first is – or is there a relationship with america. Second, but not least, the connection with the USA. And last however not least, our relationship with america. (Laughter)

So, not only for all American presidents and all major ministers, house secretary and Pentagon, and everyone coming from the Ministry of Defense, and I say all leaders from everywhere in the world when I have the opportunity to satisfy them. So welcome to the idea of our hearts, and I would really like that you simply send your greatest glory to the President, and I thank you as soon as once more to state 70-year anniversary of what he has carried out and what he has given us a president, because I'm not simply an Israeli, I of Jerusalem, son of Jerusalem, a Jerusalem son of the son, seventh era, born in Jerusalem. We are here for 220 years, and I am a Jerusalemite. In Jerusalem, I respect a lot, and I might – and I want to thank you as a Jerusalem

We’re very involved about what is occurring, although in fact we management every state of affairs. We now have problems with the Iranians, and I'm positive you've talked about it with the Prime Minister and that you’ve the knowledge, every day info. In fact, we’ve got issues with the state of affairs in Syria. We now have neighbors, new neighbors, Russians. I met twice with Putin and I needed to inform him that a number of the DNA we've shared is with the Russians as a result of – not just because the state-founded individuals got here from Russia, our pilots know that once they can't get them Return house until they do the whole lot they will to reassure them of the hearth they shot.

We’ve plenty of issues with what is occurring in Syria. For the final 100 years, between two gents, Mr Picot and Mr Sykes, we are in an odd state of affairs. We share relationships and typically a conflict state of affairs with people who find themselves not people who are people who have turn into human, and we should keep in mind that on a regular basis. Once we try to convey out the thought and need to create secular democracies in all places, it is extremely, very complicated. What happens to Iran and what they do in Syria and what they do in Lebanon and what they do in Iraq, and all the missiles, the chance and the power to launch us with rockets even from Iraq, is one thing that considerations us and of course applies to you if wanted.

But what is extra essential to us now’s the relationship and state of affairs of the Palestinians. We’ve got Gaza, Gaza, 2 million miserable, 50,000, 60,000, 70,000 members of terrorist organizations beneath energy. We can’t negotiate with a terrorist organization, but we have now to barter with somebody. We have now Egyptian distances, and this can be a sort of drawback as a result of the Egyptians are actually separate from the individuals of Gazan, so all the burden and the whole lot that goes out of Gaza goes to Israel. The connection between the Palestinian group and Gaza and the Palestinian group are of the opinion that it is potential that Israel needs to deliver down the Palestinian group

. in this case. Nevertheless, if the Palestinian Authority collapses, we must deal with what is occurring. I have to say, and the intelligence officer, common, is here to answer questions when you’ve got any questions and inform you what’s going on in Lebanon as a result of we all know that you’re visiting Lebanon tomorrow and that you are in an excellent friendship. I might identical to to say that once we speak about Lebanon, we are in a state of affairs where I’ve explained the French President, the Prime Minister Hariri cannot say to anyone that Lebanon is separated from the Hizballahista, and Hizballah does not belong to Lebanon, as a result of if someone happens from Lebanon in the direction of Israel, we think about Lebanon responsible. And all that considerations us on the finish of the day is for you, so welcome, welcome.

SECRETARI POMPEO: Thanks, Mr President. I might be very temporary, after which we’ve got a very good dialog, when these individuals depart. To begin with, I want to thanks for receiving me. When you could have had the chance to journey right here many occasions, you need to know that you simply would not have a better pal than the USA. Your angle to the precedence of our relationship could be very real. We're not simply talking about it. We do it day by day and it benefits both peoples.

And sit up for the discussion. You talked about Hamas, Hizballah, Houth – all these communities that threaten the steadiness of the Middle East and Israel. They have determined to wipe this earth off the face of the planet, and we now have an ethical obligation and a political obligation to stop this from occurring. You need to know that the USA is ready to do so. Thanks for being right here in the present day.

PRESIDENT RIVLIN: Positive. Thanks rather a lot. Thank you.

Minister Pompeo, after President Rivlin's meeting, organized a briefing for journalists who traveled in his church. Right here is the transcript:


QUESTION: Secretary of the Lord



QUESTION: Thanks. There are reviews that america is contemplating recognizing Golan's elevation, which would in fact be a huge strategic value for Israel.

QUESTION: Why not?


SECRETARY POMPEO: I have nothing to say about this.

QUESTION: What do you consider this? What –

SECRETARY POMPEO: I'm not going to remark. We are all the time considering numerous issues and making an attempt to ensure we get solutions earlier than we speak about them publicly.

QUESTION: And will you speak about what the draw back can be? ?

SECRETARY POMPEO: No. I'm not just going to comment on it.

MR PALLADINO: Let's transfer ahead. The subsequent question, Barbara, thank you.

QUESTION: Exactly the same concept and the query that I asked earlier, you stated yesterday that the follow has not changed in relation as to if the USA consider in the West Bank and in the occupied area of ​​the Golan. Can you just inform me – you didn't say what the policy was.

SECRETARY POMPEO: Yeah, I'm not going to spend time speaking about this. I've answered this question earlier than, and you asked me yesterday. I'll give you the similar reply. Our mission in the human rights report is –

QUESTION: No, it isn’t a human rights report. Generally –

SECRETARY POMPEO: However this is the language you’re – why you ask. I'm improper?

QUESTION: Properly, greater than –

SECRETARY POMPEO: No, but that is the place you see the language, right?

QUESTION: This has triggered this survey round

SECRETARY POMPEO: And this is the question I will reply

QUESTION: But the time period occupied or occupied has diminished over time, and once we ask for briefings, they all the time say that politics hasn't modified.


QUESTION: So I might identical to – it might be useful to have a clear rationalization of what politics is about when america intends to occupy West Bank and Golan area.

SECRETARY POMPEO: I perceive your question. I perceive why you ask a question. We used this language in a deliberate manner within the human rights report. We haven't made a mistake. It is there for a cause. It's not a change in US politics. It was our intention, like all elements of the human rights report, to be as descriptive as we will, and that is what we did.

QUESTION: Can I ask –

SECRETARY POMPEO: So it wasn't a mistake; it wasn't a mistake. It was accomplished deliberately, and we consider that we’ve got a real real description that was suitable for the report.

Sure, sir.

MR PALLADINO: Go forward, Matt.

QUESTION: Thanks. Just a little totally different. Once you speak about this – what you’ll do this afternoon, if you go to the wall with the prime minister, you’re clearly coming to the very best overseas official who goes there with him. Does it mean that it will mean anything concerning the sovereignty of Israel for that part of the town? Is it only a coincidence?

After which wanting ahead, can you give us any preview of how exhausting you’ll be in Hizballah and the position of Iran except Lebanon, including Syria and Iraq

SECRETARY POMPEO: Yeah. So the trip to the wall is something I had talked to Prime Minister Netanyahu about doing a while ago, and it's the first probability to go there together. I feel it's necessary. I feel it is symbolic that an older American official will go there with the Israeli Prime Minister. It’s a place that is essential to many religions and I sit up for it. I feel it's – I feel I'm very special.

Hizballah is a terrorist organization tomorrow. So whenever you ask how exhausting I might be, we’ll –

QUESTION: However it's also part of the government.

SECRETARY POMPEO: No, it's a terrorist group. These are – this is a corporation assured by the Islamic Republic of Iran to destroy Israel and, when you take heed to them rigorously, to destroy Western democracy, including the USA. Perhaps it answers your question about how arduous I am. (Laughter.) But there’s – me –

QUESTION: Properly, it sounds such as you don't minimize the words clearly. We might be at their residence, and so –

SEKRETARI POMPEO: We are going to be nicely aware of how America sees Hizballah and our expectations of how Lebanon's success relies upon – Lebanese citizens insist that the terrorist group doesn’t rule its governments and run coverage and in addition create a danger for their nation. Everyone knows the danger, right? Hizballah does something inside Lebanon; the danger of escalation is real. The Lebanese individuals are not looking for it. The individuals of Israel are not looking for it. The People don’t need it. And we're going to make it clear, after which we'll ensure that they have all the knowledge we’ve about this.

MR PALLADINO: AFP, Francesco. 19659004] QUESTION: Thanks very a lot. Secretary Basic, comply with Matt's query on the wall, if it will be significant and particular that an American official will go there with the Israeli Prime Minister, why is it the primary time? Why was President Trump or Vice President Pence not? Is that this improvement a relationship and how do you see the western wall?

SEKRETARY POMPEO: I don't know. I don't know why they didn't go there before. I can't answer this.

QUESTION: It's not the evolution of the US angle in the direction of Israel and –

SEKRETARY POMPEO: I'm wanting ahead to


QUESTION: Secretary Pompeo, anti-Semitism and Democrats, did a few of them with Prime Minister Netanyahu? And could you be such a time period – give us a sense of what was mentioned concerning the worry he has,

SECRETARY POMPEO: We didn't speak about it with the USA – I don't need to give – I'm making an attempt to keep away from the conversations we’ve privately, however I say that we did not discuss US inner politics. That's why I'm positive the subsequent question. We also didn’t speak about Israeli inner politics. (Laughter.)

We talked about anti-Semitism that I made some comments yesterday. It’s a rising menace in Europe and all through the world, and this administration takes an incredibly critical and something that brings extra danger to the Jews than to all of us

MR York

QUESTION: The Prime Minister stated yesterday that you simply two spoke concerning the further means of strain on Iran.

SECRETARY POMPEO: I'm not saying what we have been speaking about, however of every of the pillars we have now – every vector we've used – push back towards them, present penalties – we’ve another choice about that the waivers come out within 60 days, I feel it’s at the start of Might. The system of sanctions that we’ve put in place to call the individuals involved in the malicious actions of Iran, wherever they’re, together with in Iraq. You could have seen that we now have lately nominated an inner Iraqi group that we had never carried out before. Our co-operation with Israel, our efforts to ban Iranian assets from continuing to terrorize. We’ll proceed to increase the strain we apply to each of those strain vectors.

Keep in mind the straightforward objective. The straightforward objective is to make Iran behave like a traditional nation: stop issues around the globe; to end terrorism; to put an finish to its murder campaign in Europe; Cease Houth, Hamas, Hizballah's insurance. Easy issues – the identical things we ask every nation on the earth to do concerning the Islamic Republic of Iran

MR PALLADINO: LA Occasions, Tracy.

: Thanks. This morning, President Rivlin spoke of an important problem for the Palestinians, and he even raised the concept Israel would have to care for the Palestinians if the Palestinian Authority collapsed. Is the USA presently considering of find out how to take – tips on how to assist Israel maintain the Palestinians?

SECRETARI POMPEO: You must put this in context, proper, for bigger US Center East politics and what we try to realize. I’ve spoken about this ever since I’ve been – virtually the beginning of my time as secretary to the state. The Israeli-Palestinian battle is part of it, proper? These threats, which I have just talked about in Iran, are all these. The work we do in Syria, which we have now built – to overcome the ISIS coalition – all of those are parts of Trump's administration in the Middle East.

As for this question, behold, the Israelites and the Palestinians reside aspect by aspect. We now have to help them learn how to do it. And I feel it's a president. He and I had an opportunity to talk about it somewhat extra. It is a reality, and this administration hopes for a superb Palestinian population

QUESTION: However not necessarily a two-state answer, proper?

SECRETARY POMPEO: We would like the Palestinian individuals, whether they stay in the West Bank or Gaza or, frankly, the Palestinians who stay everywhere in the world – I imply, think about where we are, where we sit immediately. We sit in a rustic where there are Christians, Jews, Muslims who all reside in democracy.

That is distinctive and special and we additionally hope for wider elements of the Center East. It's – that is an unimaginable, distinctive place we sit. And so have you asked this query in connection with the Palestinians. We hope that they may even have a brighter future, and whenever you see that we’re presenting our plan in the coming months, I feel you will notice it very clearly.

MR PALLADINO: Question? Going to ABC, Conor

QUESTION: You mentioned earlier than we arrived in Kuwait that one of the belongings you would consider can be Syria. It has been reported that SDF troops have taken the ultimate sq. kilometers of the world


QUESTION: Are you able to declare the ISIS Caliphate?

SECRETARY POMPEO: We're shut. Individuals – there’s a tremendous achievement that the coalition achieved there. I am proud that I used to be a small a part of it, that the continued development of this coalition and the US Department of Defense work carried out by the Euphrates River valley preventing individuals did. The specter of radical Islamic terrorism stays. We need to complete the previous few sq. meters of Syria.

MR PALLADINO: Yet one more. New York Occasions, ed.

QUESTION: Might you give us a preview of the Prime Minister and President Trump's subsequent week's debates?

SECRETARY POMPEO: Oh, goodness, I feel it's the same set of things I got here right here to organize for their assembly. I feel that is the similar thing, proper: the good relationship between the 2 nations, the crucial nature of these relations, the widespread threats of terrorism, including terrorism from the Islamic Republic of Iran. I feel they are the questions that dominate their conversation


QUESTION: Can you share with the Crown Prince who was the day before yesterday if my time is – did you talk about the arrested ladies? It has been reported in Al-Qahtan's torture that his shut assistant – Khashoggi – was mentioned more extensively on human rights issues

SECRETARY POMPEO: truly a moderately brief discussion. I had a few particular things I needed to speak to him about, but never mentioned where we didn't speak extensively about human rights issues, together with in Saudi Arabia.

QUESTION: And analyzing whether or not they get closer (unheard) to discovering out for you?

SECRETARY POMPEO: There’s still work to be carried out. We’re nonetheless very fascinated about making certain that each one the information come to bear and are brought out, and that Saudi Arabia not only deals properly with this situation inside the country, but in addition receives the knowledge we’d like so that we will make good selections with the US government and in addition proceed to respect as much as our dedication to following the details in all places.

MR PALLADINO: BBC, Barbara. 19659004] QUESTION: In some parts of Israel and in addition of American Jews, Netanyahu was criticized for having confronted the Israeli excessive proper wing earlier than the elections. Are you – are you involved and have you expressed concern about this?

SECRETARI POMPEO: I avoid the choices made by the Israeli individuals right here in a couple of weeks. It might not be applicable for the US Secretary of State to touch upon Israeli home policy.

QUESTION: On this line – sorry.


QUESTION: I'm sorry. On this line –


QUESTION: – You spoke of Israel, which is that this great democracy through which everybody lives freely.


] QUESTION: It's not an election; What concerning the regulation that they’ve gone, that this is only a Jewish state?

SECRETARY POMPEO: Israelis have – this is Israeli home coverage. I’ve to say that whenever you stare all over the world in democracies, is this beautiful close to the highest of the listing? If you see freedom, pluralism, the power to rob, make sure that rights are protected, Israel can see it when it comes to its democratic values ​​and establishments.

We don't get it proper in the USA every single day, nevertheless it's our republic, their democracy. We’ve got competing elections. Individuals can make selections about their leaders – in our case, every two years or every 4 years for our president; Within the case of Israel, the elections have been scheduled in a different way. However in each case, these are places the place individuals can hear their voice repeatedly, and once they don't like their nation, they will change it.

MR PALLADINO: The Last Question. CBN, David.

QUESTION: Has Secretary Pompeo been in a story that is annoyed by what is known as "mainstream media", whether or not it is US politics or Middle East politics, or what has been reported? Is there a narrative – it might not have been advised, but you are feeling annoyed whenever you see the titles and sure articles?

SECRETARY POMPEO: I'm just gonna cross it on. (Laughter.)


SECRETARI POMPEO: But I have to say I am not vulnerable to frustration.

QUESTION Why is this?

sekretāre Pompeo: Because you – I'm a deep believer in the republic, and my job as Secretary of State is to rise up day-after-day and try to obtain introduced by the President of Trump activity for me. The Structure, which I’ve sworn to defend and defend, I work there daily. I am a really targeted mission. All political spectra will develop into a criticism. I'm not resistant to reading them. My son makes positive I don't lose good. (Laughter.)

But the process is obvious, and I am – if we’ve got a story to tell, if there is an issue that is essential for all you recognize, our job is to be sure that we share it, and we know what we’re doing and why we attempt to do it. And we definitely have limitations on what we will say and what we will't every so often, however our job is to ensure the People understand what President Trump is making an attempt to ship and the way he's making an attempt to offer

QUESTION: Can you simply do to say –

MR PALLADINO: We’ve to cease. I am sorry. There's a time, Mr. Secretary

QUESTION: – how necessary are occasions for you –

SECRETARY POMPEO: I'll take yet one more and then


QUESTION: Are you able to simply consider how essential the occasions in Jerusalem are right here? You will notice the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the crying wall and so on. What does it mean to you?

SEKRETARY POMPEO: Yeah, I don't know. I have been in Israel now the entire handful of occasions. I came here for the first time as a personal citizen, long earlier than I came to congress, introduced my son here because I needed him to see this place that had a special which means to my religion in Christianity for the individuals. We had the opportunity to see most of an important Christian points of interest and journey up north to the Galilee Sea and see Christians there too.

Every time I get an opportunity to return back and see historical past and remind myself of this place you read in the Bible, it is extremely useful to me. It all the time reminds me of the spirituality that I hope I’ll inform you concerning the many issues I do, making an attempt to satisfy my mission to the Structure and for America and President Trump.


SECRETARY POMPEO: Thank you very a lot.

QUESTION: Thank you.


SECRETARY POMPEO: Yeah. You all have a superb day.


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