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PJM PC / TEAC Magazines: February 7, 2019

PJM PC / TEAC Magazines: February 7, 2019

Christen Smith

PC moves ahead with offshore interconnection rights

On Thursday, the PJM Planning Committee unanimously authorised an issue assertion that thought-about the allocation of interconnection capacity of offshore builders to offshore wind.

PJM | © RTO Insider

The present rules permit merchant switch builders to acquire transmission and retrieval rights for DC units or controllable AC units which are related outdoors the RTO. In response to the issue report, stakeholders are considering that service provider transfer developers might request CIR values ​​or comparable if they don’t seem to be manageable in AC transmission, PJM Sue Glatz stated.

The vote came after the PJM officers opposed the request to increase the initiative to also think about rules on unmanaged AC transmission gear on land

”My concern is that what we do is especially that we’re going to prioritize ocean-based transmission gear, however we won’t provide the similar thing to occur within the areas the place there are future plans to hook up with renewable assets, ”stated Ryan Dolan, Director of Transfer Planning at American Municipal Energy. “We are mitigating offshore risk and not doing the same thing on AC land.”

Offshore developers need to purchase CIRs so PJM can determine the required community updates.

An important distinction to a standard process is that developers need to construct a broadcast earlier than putting a era. PJM is unable to perform stability or short-circuit evaluation without the other finish of the line. (See “PJM Ponders Rules for Offshore Wind Transmission,” PJM PC / TEAC Lists: January 10, 2019). to Stage 1 of the appliance specializing in rules for a single offshore generator line by July

Steve Herling, PJM | © RTO Insider

Steve Herling, Government Vice President, PJM, stated that RTO might talk about extending comparable rights to Earth developers within the second part of the initiative when considering network-based offshore broadcasting to mix several wind energy crops

. We wouldn’t have a elementary question once we do the identical factor on the coast… however because of the necessity immediately, we want to develop this in relation to the offshore system and then it will in all probability be a fairly simple extension to step 2 if there’s value to do it on land, ”Herling stated. "We have a sense of urgency in offshore."

PJM is a targeted Part 2 in September 2020 FERC archiving.

Fast Repair Queue Filing Errors Confirmed

PC Accepted Drawback and Answer to Forestall Transmission

One sentence rule change provides clients ten days to right deficiencies of their requests – do they submit their software to the primary or final day of latest providers

Susan Susan McGill first introduced the issue to the committee in January, suggesting that the RTO guidelines, which have been carried out in 2016 by the previous queue sending workforce, which didn’t permit the applicants enough time to seek out out the errors found in their bulletins. (See “PJM searches for corrections for queue archiving errors,” PJM PC / TEAC in short: January 10, 2019.) The change to encourage era clients to submit requests earlier in the six-month window led to a 6 % improve

PJM suggests that each one tasks for 10 days to resolve problems by eradicating the following sentence from the tariff: “All queue stations for which the interconnection client has not eliminated the deficiencies before the queuing of the relevant new services is considered terminated and canceled, even if the queue response period for such a queue station does not end only after the end of the new service queues. ”

The difficulty has been scheduled for approval on the March 21 Markets and Belief Committee assembly. It will be efficient in line AF1, which opens on April 1.

PJM Drives Wind Change, Solar Capacity Measurement

PJM has decided to use an efficient carrying capacity (ELCC) to calculate wind and photo voltaic capability credit as an "overwhelming alternative" to present rules using averages. ELCC measures further load that can be provided by a generator group without lack of reliability

Tom Falin, PJM | © RTO Insider

The new technique combines wind and solar capacities right into a single computation that has been developed later. Tom Falin, director of PJM in useful resource planning, stated that this course of puts wind and photo voltaic coefficients at 12.three% and 41%, respectively.

"I think we should have done this in a combined way all the time," he stated. "Why? Because both the wind and the sun are going to serve the PJM load. It is the model of the whole system."

Some stakeholders disagreed with PJM's choice to collect solar and wind energy collectively on the idea of their totally different characteristics

John Brodbeck, EDP Renewable Power Sources | © RTO Insider

"I agree that both are going to be here, to prevent a catastrophe," stated John Brodbeck EDP-renewable power sources. “We have worked as separate numbers. … I haven't gone through what this is doing here. It just seems to mix apples and oranges. ”

The new rules will probably be included in the Handbook 21 for the modifications introduced to members in March. At its April assembly, PJM want to request MRC approval in order that unconfirmed wind and solar power might be despatched by Might 1 to be used within the 2022/23-based residual auction in August. They might not have an effect on the UCAP values ​​of previous auctions

Comprehensive assessment of the removing of RTEP Proposed

On Thursday, PJM stated it was considering creating an issue of the way to take away tasks from a regional transfer enlargement plan, suggesting that the method needed a "holistic

] In 13 states, PJM Aaron Berner said that RTO has handled cancellations on a case-by-case basis as a consequence of totally different regulatory requirements. Cancellations may be as a consequence of a discount in load forecasts – the removing of venture needs – or the lack of developers to obtain state approval.

Aaron Berner, PJM | © RTO Insider

“Previously, there have been changes in the load profile or the actual load forecast, which has led to the need for reinforcement in the system, and we have pulled some basic upgrades,” he stated. "Primarily, it is our have to drive our selections on numerous additions and modifications to the venture."

The question arose after LS Power's Executive Vice President Sharon Segner proposed an amendment to Handbook 14B: PJM Region Transmission Planning Process, which defines the "complementary venture of the broadcasting owner" to be "removed from the RTEP" after the final choice of the government agency rejecting the venture .

“It is very important that the rules are very clear about how projects are added to RTEP and how they are removed,” Segner stated. "We stand by the view that the PJM ought to be a robust regional designer with full authority in the regional and complementary process."

Segner launched the primary guide language on the MRC meeting for the first time on 24 January as a pleasant change to the proposal for American Municipal Power to increase transparency in challenge complementary design. AMP accepted the modification as type. Even though a lot of the stakeholder approval has been obtained, the PJM refused to implement the AMP proposal in its entirety and referred to as it to beat the RTEP. (See PJM Rebuffs for Complementary Tasks.)

Sharon Segner, LS Power | © RTO Insider

PJM stated that it’ll proceed to discuss with stakeholders after identifying the necessities of the operating settlement, tariff and manuals that specify when tasks ought to be removed or added to RTEP.

Segner refused to say whether or not he was asking for a vote in his language on the MRC. “You still get feedback; The purpose of this discussion was to talk through the content. It is not a procedural debate today, he said. “PJM said they were using this [PC discussion]. That's what LS Power does. ”

Present Complementary Tasks by Dominion, ATSI at TEAC

TOs introduced two complementary tasks to the Transmission Community Extension Advisory Committee.

American Transmission Methods Inc. designs upgrades for the 345 kV line Erie, Pa. and the Perry Nuclear Energy Plant in Ohio. The three-terminal line is prone to abuses and subject to longer restoration operations, and its brokerage gear is approaching the top of his life, ATSI stated.

Dominion Power Virginia introduced seven complementary undertaking wants and one answer, the second distribution transformer for the Greenwich substation to deal with the growing load. The $ 1.4 million undertaking is predicted to be completed by October 15th.

Dominion mentioned the next needs:

  • Third Distribution Transformer at Winterpock Substation
  • Second Distribution Transformer at Rockville Station in County Goochland;
  • One other 84-MVA divider converter at Cumulus station in Loudoun County
  • New Lockridge drive supporting new knowledge middle campus in Loudoun province with a total load of over 100 MW
  • Third 84-MVA Distributor within the Pacific Space of ​​Loudoun County station
  • A new Perimeter station that supports a brand new knowledge middle campus in Loudoun Province; and
  • A new transmission hub that helps a new knowledge middle campus within the Loudoun province with a load of over 100 MW.
TEAC Briefs

Information of the Advisory Committee on Broadcasting Broadcasting on 19 October 2014.