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NERC Standards News Pants: 8-9. May 2019


ST. LOUIS – The NERC Board of Governors voted on Thursday to approve a supply chain report and a new commonplace for third-party transient electronic units, eradicating 84 reliability necessities. Under is a summary of the activities and discussions on the conferences of the Committee of RACs and Members' Representatives (MRC) to be held from Eight to 9 May.


Effectivity Analysis of Standards Retirement OK

The 2017 Commonplace Effectivity Assessment (SER) undertaking, guardians agreed to 10 requirements for full retirement and the removing of certain requirements for seven requirements.

NERC also accredited the cancellation of MOD-001-2, which has been awaiting FERC approval since February 2014 (RM14-7). The aim was to ensure that the obtainable transmission community capacity calculations help reliability and that the methods and knowledge underlying the calculations are revealed to the relevant registered entities. The Standards Authorization Request (SAR) stated that the usual was not wanted because different requirements, including subsequent enhancements to the service service rules, be sure that real-time functionality complies with system working limits.

Howard Gugel | © RTO Insider

Every change acquired between 87% and 97% in the approval vote, which ended on May 2, stated Howard Gugel, Chief Engineering Officer. (See the retirement of the NERC standards for the ultimate vote.)

In complete, six of the six requirements will probably be withdrawn upon cancellation of the MOD requirements

Seven standards, of which only part of the necessities have been deleted updated model numbers reflecting the amendments:

  • FAC- 008-4 – Plant Assessments
  • INT-006-5 – Change Transaction Analysis
  • INT-009-3 – Execution of Change Packages
  • IRO-Zero02-7 – Reliability Coordination – Monitoring and Evaluation (Displays the Retirement Requirement R1 and reliability co-ordinator variance in WECC; see under.)
  • PRC-004-6 Detection and Restore of Security System Abuse
  • TOP-001-5 – Transmission Features
  • VAR-001-6 – Voltage and Reactive Control [19659015] Gugel stated that FERC's employees had expressed concern about some retirement, but that NERC employees agreed that Improvement Group standards and are assured that retirement does not cause vulnerabilities. "When we send this to FERC, we will give further supportive arguments and show how all these standard requirements together will make a possible gap," he stated in response to a question from President Roy Thilly.

      NERC | NERC

    A workforce reviewing feedback from SER part 2

    The second part of the Commonplace Efficiency Assessment is considering modifications in six areas of organization exercise and planning (O&P) and important infrastructure protection (CIP)

      NERC John Allen © RTO Insider

    John Allen, President of the Second Part of SER, advised 75 individuals concerning the results of the economic analysis on 22 March. (See “The Chair invites comments on the assessment of the effectiveness of standards”, press releases from the NERC Commonplace Committee: March 20, 2019.)

    Modifications to the proof retention guidelines, which range in response to the standard, ranked highest at 8.12, stated Allen, Head of Reliability on the Springfield Metropolis Utilities (Mo.). It intently followed the institution of knowledge / info trade necessities (8.11); Mobility necessities for steerage (7.85; improvement of risk-based commonplace models (7.78).

    Guardians OK WECC Variance, Questions Only About Gen-RC, Calif.-Ariz. switching to multiple reliability coordinators (RC) on the end of Peak reliability. ] David Godfrey | © RTO Insider

    "The activities in the northwest can affect the southwest, so it is important for us to coordinate the whole model," WECC vice chairman David Godfrey advised the government

    The japanese interconnection with 16 RCs has not asked for the WECC standardization requirement, Gugel stated.

    ”There’s loads of coordination in japanese interconnection that happens there, but typically geographical unfold and regional variety don’t require a standard mannequin, he stated. “Something that happens in Florida is perhaps necessary for people living in Manitoba. It seems to be necessary for western interconnection, but we still assess whether it would be necessary in the East. "

    Godfrey & # 39; s presentation included a map where most of the West has selected the RC services of CAISO or SPP, but that several generation balancing regions – wind, solar and gas units – have chosen Gridforce energy management [19659029] NERC ” width=”600″ height=”407″ data-recalc-dims=”1″/> Footprints of the West Interoperability Trust Coordinator, where GridForce RC is marked as red dots | WECC

    “This is suitable for our certification criteria?” Thilly asked:

    “We are at an early stage in this process,” stated Charlie Berardesco, Basic Counsel for NERC. “I ask for some patience when looking at the application and the actual technical details. … We haven't decided yet. ”

    Managing Director Jim Robb stated that TSOs and balancing authorities are answerable for having an accredited RC.

      NERC Jim Robb, CEO of NERC © RTO Insider

    “We have made it very clear that this whole system change started a year and a half ago, that if – when the peak wind down – there are no certified trust coordinators, we will pull out heavy enforcement actions,” Robb stated.

    He additionally stated he was concerned concerning the seams between Arizona and California, noting that "it has been a corridor the place dangerous things have happened." He asked Godfreyl

    Godfrey said he was, adding: "We’ll continue to comply with up [19459027

    NERC EPRI EMP-based workgroup

    Mark Lauby, Government Vice President of NERC, informed the MRC that the group would launch in response to the work of the Electrical energy Research Institute April Report Menace of Electromagnetic Pulses

    The EPRI report found that a nuclear explosion might cause a multi-phase power outage, however not a nationwide, month-to-month blackout warned by some observers (see EPRI report Downplays Worst-Case The EMP state of affairs.)

    Lauby stated the working group examines the EPRI report to be able to determine the wants and greatest practices of further research and potential reliability requirements to mitigate the impression. to start out this month's work and current the SAR requirements to the Committee in the fourth quarter if essential

    . Reforms Research Outcomes, ”Lauby stated. "But now, rather than what we have learned from these results, we are more aware of what is sensible in terms of guidelines or standards."

    Robb advised the federal government on Thursday that Lauby had introduced an "aggressive" timeline

    "Now we understand science," he stated. "So we can accelerate our resources and industry, start thinking," OK, what kind of reply is required right here? "

    Supply Chain Report recommends Extension of Standards

    Guardians approved the Supply Chain Report, which recommends reviewing supply chain standards to handle electronic access control or monitoring systems (EACMS) and physical access control systems (PACS) for large and medium-sized grid systems

    FERC ordered NERC to expand protects EACMS last October by accepting organization supply chain standards: CIP-013-1 and changes in CIP-005-6 and CIP-010 -3 (RM17-13, Order 850) (See FERC stops supply chain standards .)

    mentioned in the report on best practices include "well-known, trusted and well-established distributors", as well as those with third-party accreditation or its supply chain practices, certification

    "We are ready to facilitate;. we aren’t going to be accrediting physique, but we need to be part of the process”, Gugel advised MRC on Wednesday.

    The report doesn’t advocate the inclusion of all low-impact BES methods within the standards, however referred to as for additional research into whether or not low-voltage methods with exterior routable interfaces ought to be handled. Employees are engaged on a request for info beneath Article 1600 of the NERC Guidelines of Procedure for further info on the subject. It can additionally proceed to watch the questionnaire with questionnaires and surveys

    In an effort to tackle the potential dangers to such methods briefly, employees will work with the CIPC Provide Chain Activity Drive to develop tips to allow communities to assess their proprietary cyber-property on a case-by-case basis. The report additionally recommends that communities confer with the most effective practices of the North American Broadcasting Forum, the North American Era Discussion board, the National Rural Electrical Cooperative Association and the American Public Power Association

    CIP Commonplace Accepted

    Guardians CIP-003-Eight (Cyber Security – Safety Administration Controls) in response to FERC's April 2018 CIP-003-7 approval and NERC control to "mitigate the risk of malicious software caused by third party transient electronic devices."

    Clause 5.2.1 of Appendix 1 to CIP-003-7 requires using a minimum of one safety before the momentary cyber answer is related to a low impression BES network answer, including antivirus software program updates and software monitoring.

    This amendment provides a new level 5.2.2 to make sure that the Group seeks to alleviate 5.2.1. It requires entities to "determine whether additional measures are required and take such actions before pooling temporary cyber wealth" (venture 2016-02).

    Evidence of Conformity Compliance Administration Documents,

    FERC Briefing

    Andy Dodge, Director of FERC's Digital Reliability Office, offered MRC with an replace on two reliability requirements pending in the Commission:

      NERC Andy Dodge | © RTO Insider

    Comments are due on June 24 by FERC's April 18 announcement of proposed laws proposing the introduction of CIP-012-1 (communication between management models). facilities and make clear knowledge varieties that must be protected (RM18-20). (See FERC proposes amendments to the NERC CIP commonplace.)

    Additionally pending is CIP-008-6 (Cyber ​​Security Incident Reporting), submitted by NERC on March 7 in response to the FERC order of July 2018 (RM18-2). The Commission referred to as for info security cybercrime to be expanded when it was stated that corporations that aren’t at present reported can lead to greater and extra successful attacks. The standard extends obligatory reporting, including the precise or tried compromises of the corporate's electronic safety circle (ESP) or its associated EACMS. (See FERC Orders Enlargement Cybersecurity Reporting.)

    Publish-Technical Comments comply with May 24, FERC's Joint Technical Conference on Safety Investment with the Ministry of Power (AD19-12). (See TSA defends pipeline safety practices previous to FERC.)

    Dodge also talked about FERC's employees report on March 29 on the teachings discovered from CIP audits managed by the Commission within the 2018 financial yr. The outcomes embrace the reliability of the Company's inspections and the contribution made by the Agency for Security of Power Effectivity.

    The report incorporates 13 recommendations including legitimate safety certificates for BES community methods; using robust encryption for interactive remote access; and Changing or Enhancing the End of Lifetime of the Prohibition Tools

    – Wealthy Heidorn Jr.