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Lola Lieber: Queen of the Holocaust Ester

Lola Lieber: Queen of the Holocaust Ester

Revealed on February 7, 2019.

The story of Beth Sarafraz; Lieber Family Footage

Beth Sarafraz

Lola Lieber, z ”l

BROOKLYN, New York – Nazis arrested Lola Lieber's Mechel man during the Holocaust. At Gentapo's headquarters, he went to Gestapo's headquarters and asked to speak to anyone who was responsible.

He informed the receptionist that he was meeting with SS Lieutenant Colonel Adolf Eichmann, Gestapo Director, and Hitler's last settlement supervisor. Destruction of a European Jew. She was dressed to kill, and the clerk in all probability thought Eichmann was inquisitive about seeing her.

Difficult the unhappy quantity of two Nazis – whom he later stated to be a meager accountant – he informed her that her husband was a Jew and had been picked up by accident, arrested by chance. Eichmann took the telephone to the jail where Mechel was held; it turned clear that the plot didn't work. All the captives had to find out if the Jewish man was circumcised.

He heard Eichmann on the telephone, he understood how dangerous issues have been enjoying. Lola turned and commenced to quietly stroll out the door, maintaining her innocence even waiting for the bullet.

Amazingly no one stopped him. Lola had performed the most love and frightened worry when she examined the most troublesome check. Quickly after, Mechel fled efficiently and miraculously reunited together with his beloved bride.

I met Lola in 2011 with the Yom HaShoah Memorial, held in Flatbush at Yeshivah, Brooklyn. He and his son, Hershel, have been sitting on the stage, having a dialog about backlighting for a few yr in Europe, which went from the Nazis.

He was only 15 years previous when the Nazis demolished the residential constructing with their household in Krakow, Poland. Going from door to door, troopers of army soldiers fought households. At one level, in a horrifying episode, Lola felt that one Nazi took her child together with her legs and turned it to the door, after which the head ended up open.

However Lola was a fearless lady who survived the Holocaust. Throughout her demise in 2014 she was 91 years previous, she was a mother of three, a 12-year-old grandmother, a 50-year-old grandmother, four nice grandmothers, a profitable artist and a writer of A World After This.

Lola and Mechel's 1941 Wedding ceremony Photograph

The title of the guide got here from what her husband advised her about her wedding ceremony day. He was barely 18 when he married Mechel Lieber throughout the conflict, low-key, dangerous bride weddings. The 1941 ceremony was held in the yard of the rabbi, in a small Polish city referred to as Niepolomice.

The desk coated the bed. the bride had no wedding ceremony gown. The family gave the peasant cash to buy a duck for the wedding ceremony night, but he spent every thing in the bar. Then the household paid the fishmonger to get the Foremost course, but as an alternative of buying the fish for the feast, he disappeared – in all probability subsequent to the column set subsequent to the duck vendor. Ultimately a relative cooks sour eggs in the principal course.

Even more depressing – in the case of an Orthodox Jewish woman – putting struggle time into complete poverty meant that she had to marry with no minyan. The marriage, the bride, wept till her younger husband replied to her in a approach that showed her clever, tender and compassion over her years.

”We’ll deal with this period. It's momentary. After that comes the world, ”stated Mechel Lieber. "And if we don't survive – Gd denies – but if we don't, Lola, at least we've been married."

The Nazis have been drastic predators hooked up to hunt unarmed innocents who ran and hid in do-it-yourself bunkers comparable to the Mechel family. After a particular twist overlaying, Lola and Mechel discovered they have been all shot lifeless in a bunker the place they have been hiding from the Nazis.

Endangering an open and certain dying, the couple loaded their bodies on a wheelbarrow and brought them to the Jewish cemetery in the metropolis.

There, the young couple digged the frozen land until their arms have been blooded to bury them collectively. One of the victims, somewhat woman who was her husband's sister, died holding a doll in her hand. Lola buried the youngster still clinging to the doll. They stopped whispering Kaddish's prayer for the lifeless, whereas praying that the Reich soldiers wouldn’t discover them finishing up this "illegal" remaining moderation and holiness.

On the Bochnia Street to the Cemetery

Bochnia – The Lifeless Lifeless

Years later, Lola painted two horrifying pictures of this event: "Bochnia: on the way to the cemetery" and "Bochnia: the burial of the dead". reside weapons hanging from the sides, and Lola tries to keep them from falling. In one other, like the subsequent body of the movie, the organs of the murdered relations lie up in a selfmade grave. Mechel has been frozen in time by holding the globe that covers them. Lola sits on a frozen land masking her mouth, silently shouting.

The image of this tragic scene does not exist, but the work recommend that Lola went there that day – spiritually – to take a look at himself, Mechel and the bodies of loved ones

Bobover Rebbe

Lola saved the respected Bobover Rebbe Halberston and his entire family immediately dying in Nazi hand in Polish Bochnia ghetto. There the German commander, Schomburg, provided him protected access away from the killing area, as a result of he was capable of convince him to speak about goulash, pastry and well-liked Hungarian track, that he was from Munkach in Hungary and that he subsequently did not belong to the Nazi Bochn laws

As an alternative of taking this life a present and run with it, he asked for permission to take all his family members with him, ensuring that each last one of them was from Hungary and thus also released. Miraculously, he gave permission to all of them to go away. That night time, Lola fought start certificates for her entire family and "extended" members – Bobover Rebbe and his household, making certain their protected passage from sentenced Bochnia. For this unselfish act, Rebbe was grateful for the essence of her being, calling Lola "Queen of Today's Ester".

In Budapest, the fall of Russian troopers into the metropolis, the conflict had to be over Mechel and Lola thought. In the days leading up to the release, Lola was hungry and very sick. Somebody who had found worthwhile noodles and cooked them in the water provided the water left in Lola. He drank and was grateful. He didn't curse an individual who arrested noodles about him. Even at the time of his dying, the essence of his whisper was "Gamzu (this is also good)."

However the Russians had estimates to settle with their enemies. The capture of Russian soldiers mistakenly thought that Lola and Mechel have been German spies and forced the couple towards the wall, commanding them to put their arms up and practice their weapons.

A second earlier than the capturing started, Lola and Mechel seemed up at heaven. "We started shouting at Shema Yisrael and waited for the shots," Lola stated. But then there was a miracle. At that time, another Russian soldier – who understood Hebrew and was "by chance" – shouted even more durable: "Don't kill them! They're Jewish!"

That's how Liebers survived the warfare. superstar, "Hershel tells about the circumstances of his birth – a Jewish child born on a German land. He had a Brit milah (circumcision) and a pidyan haben (firstborn redemption) attended by American Jewish soldiers living in Germany. In Williamsburg, Brooklyn, American Liebers, who ran a well-known chocolate-making company. 659006] Mechel went to work as a sock auction, selling nylon socks before the war. Two other children, Yossi and Mati, were born. Hershel remembers these in happy years, especially in their Easter solos. “Of course, we read Haggada, reminding us of the slavery of the Jewish Exodus in Egypt. But during the dinner my mother and father told her story about the freedom of her own flight, "the Nazi European blood soap to America, the house of freedom and justice for all – including the Jews."

Luckily, by no means led to 1966 when Mechel died of most cancers. When the heroic younger husband dreamed, Lola died significantly, but then he did what the survivors did – he married again. Twice

He also painted shortly and furiously – "over 1500 paintings" in line with Hershel. “About 10 to 12 of them had Holocaust themes and four of them went to Yad Vashem in Israel.” He also painted flower-filled landscapes. "But his specialty," Hershel says, "made portraits. He painted all the rebots – Bobover, Belzer, Gerer, Lubavitcher and each Satmar rebbes. “

Then Hershel spoke to him to write down a ebook. "I grew up listening to his story and the stories of my father in the sediments – post-war submit conflict, post-war. I encouraged her to place these stories in writing. He began to document them and located a journalist to tug it collectively in a e-book revealed in 2010. ”

Lola was 87 years previous when the guide came out. "It was a hint of a new thing that went to schools to talk about the Holocaust," Hershel points out. Lola held these discussions at Bais Yaakov's faculties in Los Angeles, Miami and Brooklyn at Brooklyn's Flateshush Yeshiva and Kingsborough School, the latter one consisting of pagans and Jews.

At first, Hershel points out that he was, however then, when all the young individuals raised the attention that drew him to every word, he understood that he gave up era history by speaking
to all these murdered Jews who couldn’t converse for themselves. He was witnessing.

Lola died in Cheshvan's ninth, similar yahrzeit as the 48th anniversary of Mechel's demise. "Opportunities to happen are about 350, Jewish calendar going," Hershel says.

Her daughter Mati Jacobovits defined the hidden which means behind this unlikely occasion. “They say that your neshama, your soul, comes right down to the world in your yahrzeit. On Friday morning my mother was unwell in the hospital, but the relaxation of us went to the cemetery to wish to my father's grave. We knew he was "in the neighborhood" as a result of his yahrzeit was the next day. We asked her to help our mom because she suffered. We left and went residence to make a shabbo. Our mom died in motzei Shabbos, Mati stated in her voice. “I feel my dad – his beloved husband – determined he had 91 years and perhaps it was enough; Perhaps it was time to return residence with him. "

" His Heritage, "says his eldest son," is not only his Holocaust experience, nor his talent as a skilled artist. She was a loving, giving, caring woman. There was no one who met him who didn't fall in love with him. "

He was somebody" who saw everything comes from Gd, "his daughter, Pesi Lieber, had advised me about the 2011 Yom HaShaha presentation. He was a survivor who believed it was essential to speak about the Holocaust, "make sure it doesn't happen again," he added his second daughter, Idii Lieber.

To sum up his thoughts after the end of his unique, compelling, emotionally reflective performance that night time, Lola stated, “nurture your mother and father and siblings and youngsters. It's horrible to lose the whole lot. "

Watching the surprised, tears of women and men in the audience explain that night time, slowly treating the unspeakable horrors of his mother and son on the actual day on which the murder of six million Jews is remembered, the last item Lola Lieber advised me was:" Hopefully it will never happens again. "

This text was initially revealed in Jerusalem Herald. Beth Sarafraz is a contract author dwelling in New York Metropolis, Brooklyn. Click on right here to learn extra about this writer's work in the Jerusalem Herald.