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Environmental Issues in the New Railway Tunnel in Tibet; the music video conveys a harsh propaganda message

Environmental Issues in the New Railway Tunnel in Tibet; the music video conveys a harsh propaganda message

Chinese researchers warn in an inner Tibetan report

about the environmental impression of the completion of a railway tunnel in Tibet.
Weird music video conveys a harsh propaganda message in Tibet.

Certainly one of the longest tunnels in the nation has been reported by Chinese state media. strategically essential Lhasa to Nyingtri (Chinese language: Linzhi) on the Sichuan-Tibet railway part, described by Chinese engineers as the "most risky" railway in the world. The route is of main geopolitical significance, and regardless of warnings by scientists in its phrases on environmental influence and the dangers of earthquakes and different disasters, it’s thought-about a prime priority at China's highest political degree.

The Secretary-Basic of the Communist Get together of China and President Xi Jinping have emphasized the importance of the Chengdu-Lhasa railway link. The official Xinhua Information Company reported at a meeting to which he spoke in 2018, saying: "Xi also emphasized Sichuan and Tibetan railways by saying that it was of great importance to the country's long-term stability and development in Tibet."

Lhasa-Nyingtri line from a highly militarized area with Arunachal Pradesh in India. [1] It’s part of one other 1,700 km railway linking Tibet with the Individuals's Republic of China (after the line was opened from Qinghai Golmud in 2006) and linking the historical and cultural capital of Tibet with the capital of Sichuan Province of Lhasa. Chengdu and past. Based on Chinese language media, most of the tunnels on the Lhasa-Nyingtri route have been completed. Certainly one of the longest, the 9,240-meter-long Bukamu tunnel, was completed last week on August 2, 2019, based on a newspaper maintained by the Chinese language authorities. Day by day.

The high-speed railway beneath development runs by means of earthquake zones, comparable to the Longmen Mountains on the japanese edge of the Tibetan Plateau and the Yarlung Tsangpo River [2]in response to scientists, alongside the line with potential hazards. , particles flows, and snow and ice injury.

Even Chinese language researchers have pointed out that such a large-scale development challenge might, in itself, improve the danger of mountain disasters, inflicting untold injury to the fragile excessive surroundings of the world's highest and largest plateau, affecting the river downstream.

You Yong, chief engineer at the Institute of Mountain Hazards and the Surroundings (CAS) at the Chinese language Academy of Sciences, informed state media Xinhua that the development and operation of the Sichuan – Tibet railway across the world's highest and largest plateau is to beat "the world's greatest risks". Talking of the risks, Yong stated: “We urgently have to grasp the distribution pattern of landslides, particles and different mountain hazards and their influence on the railway venture. We have to distinguish between protected and harmful areas and investigate methods to predict and stop accidents. "According to [3] Global Construction Review, You Yong said that the hazards of this section involve earthquakes relatively often, especially in the Longmen Mountains and [Yarlung Tsangpo] River seismic belts. Difficulties include sudden changes in altitude, frequent landslides and avalanches, and fragile ecology. "

In October 2018, Xi Jinping chaired a meeting the place he proclaimed the acceleration of efforts to design and construct the nation. Sichuan and Tibetan railways – and in addition to improve our capacity to protect towards pure disasters. [4] The mixing of the two did not appear to be a coincidence.

Yarlung Tsangpo Compact Landslide in Tibet, Nyingtra, October 17, 2018. Photograph: Contributed to the landslide weblog at https: //blogs.agu. org / LANDSLIDEBLOG / 2018/10/22 / YARLUNG-TSANGPO-1-2 /

11. On October 1, 2018, just at some point after the meeting, Xinhua reported that the "barrier lake" had shaped a part of another river, Drichu (Chinese language: Jinsha), as a result of an earthquake in Jomda (Jiangda) province, Chamdo (China: Changdu) prefecture in Tibet. [5] Solely a week later, one other landslide in Nyingtr led to the formation of a second barrier lake in Tibet in a brief time, inflicting "significant danger" in response to specialists. The brand new railway is to travel alongside the similar ecologically delicate terrain to Chengdu.

The construction of intensive infrastructure in such a seismically lively mountain panorama is understood to affect earthquakes and landslides, and a acutely aware Chinese language blogger raised an alarm about the effects of building the first part of the line from Lhasa to Shigat. The blogger, whose publish acquired widespread social media protection, gave particular particulars about security considerations, comparable to chopping steel for tunnels, bridge bridges too brief, and the quantity of cement used, which had contributed to "severe landslides". “Throughout the development of the tunnel entrance. The blogger, whose message was translated into English by the Tibetan Worldwide Campaign, warned that Lhasa-Nyingtri Railway Development Commanders officials have seemed into their eyes saying: “In response to Chinese language information website guancha.cn, Shigatse-Lhasa-Nyingtri Railway Company, a and commodities and the army. From a geopolitical and regional army perspective, the strategic value of the Lhasa – Shigatse railway is surprising! "

The Chinese language Authorities has described railway development as" a new era in railway construction "[6] and Xi Jinping burdened the political significance of the high-altitude rail hyperlink to Sichuan, saying at the third assembly of the CSC in 2018 that it and the financial and social improvement of Tibet in the design and development of the railways, adding that the venture have to be handled properly, ”says a China Day by day report. The statement of the assembly said: "The importance of railway work stems from the need to promote ethnic unity, to safeguard national unity and to strengthen border stability."

The completion of the tunnel in Nyingtr last week required large ice blocks, blowers and oxygen crops to be positioned in the tunnel to stop staff from falling ailing because of excessive temperatures reaching 42 degrees on account of tunnel depth and high geostress. China Every day talked about tunnel employee Kang Yanju as saying: “The tunnel is like a steam room. Once you get in, you begin sweating profusely. It's like doing an anaerobic exercise. “

Chinese staff waving a purple flag of the Communist Social gathering of China at a get together have been described in the state media for the earlier completion of a tunnel on the railway to Nyingtri.

Giant-scale Tibetan infrastructure development modifications the Tibetan Plateau – a international middle for local weather change – in a political local weather where the leadership's main goal is to make sure full compliance with the Chinese language Communist Celebration authorities and to not question or even mildly criticize Beijing's insurance policies. The Tibetan international campaign has documented the large injury to major rivers associated with the demand for hydropower; and the current completion of the world's highest high-voltage network is linked to the development of a absolutely electrified high-speed rail hyperlink from Lhasa to Chengdu. [7]

The official significance of the new railway was also highlighted by the go to of Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang a yr ago to the website of the tunnel in Lhokha (Chinese: Shannan) Prefecture of the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR). Throughout his go to, the Prime Minister stated that Beijing was investing more in infrastructure in Tibetan areas, which he mixed with "ecological protection" by mentioning the language used by the Chinese authorities to explain development, urbanization and mass tourism, albeit really dangerous. [8] Numerous commentators have referred to rumors about Xin and Li's totally different strategy, but recommend that statements made by Li during his go to to Tibet confirmed less enthusiasm for big-ticket and high-risk infrastructure spending, especially contemplating the dangers of the Sichuan-Tibet route. [9]

Railway development and river injury are integral elements of China's Tibetan strategic and economic necessities, together with making certain border control; increasing the extraction of plain-rich natural assets (together with uranium, lithium and gold) to advertise China's economic improvement; and addressing the rising shortage of water assets in northern and north-east China with Tibetan water. The dramatic improve in Chinese home tourism in the TAR area can also be linked to the relocation of Lhasa to the middle of a new street, railway and airport network with two army and civilian uses, highlighting the region's strategic importance to the Chinese authorities.

The Golmud-Lhasa Railway, which has had a dramatic influence on the demographic and improvement of Tibet, could not have been built without the large investment of the Chinese authorities to build the infrastructure on the altering, delicate platform of the Tibetan Plateau, – and the Institute for Environmental and Engineering of Dry Areas, situated in Lanzhou. Nevertheless, solely a month after the line was put into service in 2006, state media not often admitted that fractures had begun to seem on some railway bridges resulting from the historic frostbite underneath the railway mattress. Even the official press acknowledged that rising temperatures in the Tibetan plain might endanger the long-term viability of the railway.

China publishes rap video for Tibetan ladies to convey robust message of political repression.

A music video is broadcast in Tibet displaying Tibetan ladies in pink and blue traditional chubs to denounce the Communist Celebration's tough "black" and "black" "evil forces", which in Tibet imply an assault on the Dalai Lama. In response to a round issued by the Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR) police final yr, statements of help for the Dalai Lama are thought-about organized crime. [10]

The video, which is being screened on Tibetan official television and distributed on social media, has a tendency to supply catchy music movies in celebration campaigns. In Might, China made a music video highlighting the significance of "reliability" before the controversial social credit score system was launched in 2020. One other video that includes pleased youngsters of different ethnic teams singing about the virtues of China's One Belt One Street marketing campaign, "Sesame Street Propaganda." [19659004] In this latest video, which was additionally broadcast on social media, Tibetan feminine singers use get together language in reference to Xi Jinping, who has launched a marketing campaign to "eradicate evil forces" to take care of social and social upkeep. stability, "corresponding to" the great leadership of the Communist Social gathering in the new period. "It urges people to avoid" separatist ideas "and to be wary of the" Dalai clique. "It displays the intensification of a nationwide political marketing campaign that strongly emphasizes anti-secessionism in Tibet. The music video features a mix of wallpapers, together with the interior of a formal building with Communist Celebration slogans and a rooftop pink star, and Tibetan urban and rural landscapes, including a traditional Tibetan tent, in addition to mixing as we speak's rap fashion with some Tibetan options The singers are also portrayed in the background of portraits of Chinese leaders Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping.

Tibetans are increasingly pressured to point out these pictures of Chinese language leaders, especially X, uvia Dalai Lama The Tibetan worldwide marketing campaign has announced news in japanese Tibet that Tibetans are even being informed to swim and supply footage of Xi Jinping, not Buddhist icons. In the video, Tibetan singers find yourself in submissive poses, kneeling and stretching out their arms. Footnotes: