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Bracketology 2019: One offer Pac-12 inches closer to reality

This picture depicts a state of Arizona - and Pac-12 - Thursday night.

In case you are a non-Washington member, it is probably that the trail to the NCAA offer will hit huge, avoidable Pothol on Thursday night.

Keep in mind the final week's bubble occasion, which featured both the Florida Gator and the Arizona Sunshine on the appropriate aspect of the bubble, halfway by means of the victory? Overlook it. Utterly. Don't name me Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones at your own home.

Once we take a look at teams which were established for hours on account of the chaos that spreads beneath them, we take a look at the Jackson Pollock painting that surrounds the minimize line. Don't assume I used to be tempted to copy and paste a number of occasions ¯_ (ツ) _ / ¯, starting with seed line # 9.

As a reminder, the brackets present three sets of numbers for every giant candidate. The first is its general report towards the sport towards Division I. The second is the "quality" winnings of Group 1 and Group 2, the third of which indicates the variety of Group 1, as a result of the Selection Committee has introduced that it is the most appreciated.

Observe: Though group data mirror games performed on Thursday, February 7, 2019, the profitable info for Group 1 and a couple of displays the NET info revealed earlier than the Video games played on that day. The celebs "quality" characterize the holders of the automated bid.

No. 1s: 1. Virginia (20-1 / 10/6), 2. Duke * (20-2 / 10/5), 3. Tennessee * (20-1 / 10/4), 4th Michigan * (21- 2/12/5)
No. 2s: 5. Gonzaga * (22-2 / 8/Four), sixth Kentucky (19-Three / 9/6), seventh North Carolina * (18-Four / 10/5), 8th Houston * (22 -1/11/Three)
No. 3s: 9. Kansas (17-6 / 13/8), 10. Marquette (19-Four / 9/7) 11. State of Michigan (18-5 / 11/8), 12th Purdue (16-6 / 10 / 5)
No. 4s: 13. Villanova * (19-4 / 12/3), 14. Wisconsin (17-6 / 11/6), 15th Louisville (17-6 / Eight/4), 16th Kansas State * 5/Eight/Four)

Cavaliers and Blue Devils exchanged a full worthwhile spot on the prime of the sector simply in time to get them back to Charlottesville on Saturday evening (6pm ET, ESPN). Houston jumped into a 2-fold seed that followed a Thursday Thursday victory at UCF, though Cougars' rise is due to a small extent to the Battle of Michigan and Kansas. Jayhawks's state of affairs continues to be illustrative after another dangerous information that broke out last night time at Lawrence.

Now Invoice Invoice's staff now has to do with out one of the best three-point luminaire, another offensive weapon that’s missing from the Kansas group, which already has well-documented frontal points.

Kansas State, now on their lonesome at the prime of Massive 12 After the disappearance of Wednesday's Jayhawks and Baylor's Wednesday street, Texas rankings are last # 4.

East: 1/1. Virginia * (Columbia 1), 2/Eight. Houston (Tulsa 1), Three/12. Purdue (Tulsa 2), Four/13. Villanova * (Hartford 2) – Four greatest seeds = 34

south: half. Duke (Columbia 2), 2/6. Kentucky (Columbus 2), 3/11. Michigan State (Hartford 1), Four/16. Kansas State (San José 2) – Complete Prime 4 seed = 35

within the Midwest: 1/3. Tennessee * (Jacksonville 1), 2/7. North Carolina (Jacksonville 2), Three/9. Kansas (Des Moines 1), 4/14. Complete Wisconsin (Salt Lake City 2) – Four Greatest Seeds = 33

West: 1/Four. Michigan * (Columbus 1), 2/5. Gonzaga * (Salt Lake City 1), Three/10. Marquette (Des Moines 2), Four/15. Louisville (San Jose 1) – Four Greatest Seeds Complete = 34

Four areas are comparatively balanced despite the presence of the quartets of ACC and Massive Ten members.

No. 5s: 17th LSU (18-Four / 10/4), 18th Maryland (18-6 / 9/4), 19th Iowa State (18-5 / 7/4), 20th Nevada * (22-1 / 8/Zero)
No. 6s: 21. Texas Tech (18-5 / 9/3), 22. Virginia Tech (18-4 / Eight/Three), 23rd Mississippi State (16-6 / 9/6), 24th Florida State (17 -5/7/3)
No. 7s: 25. Iowa (18-5 / 9/4), 26. Cincinnati (20-Three / 6/3), 27. Washington * (19-4 / 6/3), 28. Buffalo (18-3 / 6 Four/2)

The most important winners of this week among the 5 and 6 seed strains are LSU, who took a decisive additional time in the Mississippi state to stay with Tennessee and Kentucky within the SEC and Florida state, which dominated Syracuse orange at Service Dome. However, Virginia Tech remains in actual hassle as long as Justin Robinson stays away.

For the seventh seed line, Iowa (over Indiana), Cincinnati (Memphis) and Washington (Arizona) took Group 1 street to win on Thursday to enhance their profiles. Due to other occasions on the West Coast final night time, Huskies is now leading the Pac-12 with 4 full-weight.

No. 8s: 29. Baylor (15-7 / 9/4), 30. Oklahoma (15-8 / 7/Three), 31. Auburn (15-6 / 7/1), 32. St. John & # 39; s (17-6 / 7/1) / 7/5)
No. 9s: 33. Syracuse (16-7 / 6/2), 34. Minnesota (16-7 / 6/3), 35. Ole Miss (15-7 / 5/Three), 36th Lipscomb * (17-4 / Four/2)
p. 10s: 37. Ohio State (15-7 / 5/3) 38. TCU (16-6 / 5/Zero)

Baylor slid slightly due to a Wednesday loss in Texas, whereas Oklahoma desperately wants to stop the three-game slide when Texas Tech will visit Saturday (at 16 ET, ESPNU), especially once they visit Bears on Monday (at 21 ET, ESPN2). Auburn earned some respiration room by treating Florida on Wednesday, whereas St. John did the identical by swiping Marquette.

Syracuse might have actually used the income within the state of Florida, whereas Minnesota is presently 0-2 in probably the most troublesome three games of the season. And saving something from swinging is nearly unattainable, as Golden Gophers will visit the state of Michigan, which has fallen the final three Saturday afternoons (2nd ET, ESPN). Ole Miss survived at Texas A&M in Oxford on Wednesday to win for the primary time in 5 races, whereas Lipscomb destroyed North Florida with 37 without dropping the Atlantic sun.

On Thursday, Ohio State rejected the state of Penn's catastrophe in Columbus. because the TCU did when Oklahoma State visited Fort Value one night time earlier. Horned Frogs, who still would not have Group 1 victory, on Saturday in the state of Iowa (14.00 ET, ESPNU) will face virtually a event.

Final Four Byes (No. 10s): 39th Texas (13-10) / 7/Four), 40th Alabama (14-Eight / Eight/2)
Final 4 Byes (No. 11s): 41. Indiana (13-10 / 6/Three), 42. Seton Corridor (13-9/7/2)

Texas does not have solely seven teams 1 and a couple of wins at this stage, their Wednesday profitable Baylor is their sixth place 40 among the many greatest group. Contemplating how the other bubble is shaped, they need to exceed the whole of Longhorns double digit losses. At SEC, Alabama was doing business with Georgia and had to do the same in Vanderbilt on Saturday (20.30 ET, SEC).

Indiana's position remained secure despite Thursday's take-back to Iowa, but it is principally due to different losses. And it's an identical story to Seton Corridor, who has had to use Saturday's loss in Butler. The early triumphs of Pirates over Kentucky and Maryland proceed to largely overcome the failures of others who have tried to demand the same quality.

Last 4 (# 11s – First 4): 43. NC State (16 -7 / 5/1), 44. VCU (16-6 / 3/1), 45. Temple (17-6 / 6 / 1), 46. Butler (13-10 / 6/1)

NC State monitored its 24-point efficiency at Virginia Tech by scoring a 96-17 point loss in North Carolina on Tuesday. VCU swept away from George Washington, while the temple was a simple time towards UConn. Though there is just one group 1 within the owls profitable Houston, their 77-75 additional time after Davidson on December 15 nonetheless appears good.

However the last place… The State of Arizona was relatively protected on Thursday night time, and there was a Washington state temptation go to that had just gained the invincible California Pac-12 recreation. Then this occurred…

This unsustainable loss signifies that Pac-12 has only one group immediately, Runaway chief Washington.

What makes it worse, the primary six of the eight teams that have compiled this preliminary record, misplaced Wednesday's matches, while Butler was idle and Belmont got here into the sector as the OVC chief. Finally, I put the Bulldog on the console as a result of they’ve neutrally defeated Florida (although the Gators acquired revenge on Gainesville's rematch) and residential wins over St. John's, Ole Miss's, Creighton and Seton Hall.

First 4 OUT: 69. Arizona State (15-7 / Eight/3), 70th UCF (16-5 / 3/0), 71. Creighton (12-10 / 5/2), 72. Florida (12-10 / 4/1)
Next Four OUT: 73rd Utah State (17-5 / 3/1), 74. Nebraska (12-10 / 5/2), 75th Georgetown (15-Eight ) / 6/2), 76. Oregon (14-9 / 3/2)

Naturally, the state of Arizona slid into NIT places after a collision on Thursday. Solar Devils has simply not been in a position to build high-quality non-conference winnings in Kansas and Mississippi. When Pac-12 is struggling, Bobby Hurley's workforce merely can't afford to lose numerous games from mediocre to poor rivals. UCF (blowing in Houston Orlando), Creighton (OT loser in Villanova) and Florida (who can't keep in Auburn) also misplaced this week. Within the subsequent four states of Utah, which is at present at 33. NET, however with no actual marquee profit, there’s an fascinating check when the Choice Committee makes use of a brand new software, whereas Georgetown, Nebraska and Oregon have all the totally different alternatives to improve their general win. Nevertheless, the struggles of Cornhuskers with out Issac Copeland mean that their probabilities of disappearing shortly

(shown in order) 77. Arkansas (14-Eight / 3/1), 78th Arizona (14-9 / 4/1) 79. San Francisco ( 16-6 / 1/Zero), 80th Clemson (14-8 / 3/0), 81. Saint Mary's (15-9 / 2/1), 82nd Oregon State (14-Eight / 5 / 1), 83. UNC Greensboro (19-Three / 2/1), 84. Liberty (17-5 / 1/0), 85th Murray Status (16-Four / Zero/0), 86th South Florida (16-6 / 2/0), 87. Fresno State (15-6 / 2/1), 88. Penn (12-7 / 2/2)

The State of Arizona was not the only Pac-12 group to decide up damaging loss on Thursday night. Definitely, the lack of Arizona's main house in Washington was not sudden, especially with Brandon Williams due to knee injuries, but Oregon took the page from Solar Devils playlist by dropping 23 mid-Stanford to Corvall.

San Francisco principally reached the "WCC Tournament Title or Bust" space, the place Gonzaga had last night time's blowouts related to the remaining mid-size corporations in this group, all of whom virtually definitely want an automated bid. 68. And whenever you add the Pac-12 groups to them, the result’s that solely three groups in this group are entitled to hope for an ideal 5 weeks – Arkansas, Clemson and shocking South Florida. Both Razorbacks and Tigers have 5 high quality prize options, and Bulls has 4. And all come with a two-week boat with a home collection towards Interstate Four's competing UCF. Between Brian Gregory's staff organizes the temple and visits Houston

At-Giant Hopefuls

No. 12s: 47. Belmont * (17-Four / 5/2), 48th Wofford * (17-Four / 5/2), 49. Davidson * (16-5 / Three/0), 50. Hofstra * (19 -Four/0/Zero)

We had virtually two-priced OVC in as we speak's seed record, however Jacksonville State dropped out of the four sections first by dropping to UT Martin. And when Belmont had gained each Murray State and Austin Peay, Bruins owns the day's offer. In the meantime, Wofford needed additional time to win in East Tennessee and hold his full South Convention unchanged.

No. 13s: 51. Previous Dominion *. 52. New Mexico State *, 53. Vermont *, 54. Radford *
No. 14s: 55. Bowling Inexperienced *, 56. Texas State *, 57. Loyola Chicago *, 58. South Dakota State *
No. 15: 59. Princeton *, 60. UC Irvine *, 61. Bucknell *, 62. Northern Kentucky *
No. 16s (First Round): 63. Montana *, 64th Rider *
No. 16s (First Fourth): 65. Sam Houston State *, 66. Robert Morris *, 67. Prairie View A & M *, 68. Norfolk State *

We still have two bids for MAC when Bowling Inexperienced leads – a large group Buffalo in a convention competition.

Ten groups still have the opportunity to report an entire common season convention document within the state of Norfolk, Prairie View A&M, Princeton and Sam Houston, coming instantly from the above group of major candidates Gonzaga, Lipscomb, Tennessee, Villanova, Washington and Wofford selected right here group.

My subsequent full help replace comes on Tuesday. Needless to say the Saturday afternoon lineup consists of NCAA's present Insanity bracket preview of March (12:30 ET, CBS). I am notably curious to see how .NET will have an effect on the planting, which must be mirrored in the selection committee unveiling 4 major seed to each space. Await this info to have a robust impression on each projection now and on Sunday.

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